Plastic Free Champions

Conor Fletcher

We have been awarded Plastic Free Champion status by Plastic Free St Ives!

Plastic Free Champion St Ives

Having taken the decision to reduce our single-use plastics in our luxury self catering cottages and on-site with our team we have finally achieved recognition as one of St Ives' many businesses who have taken steps to make the local community strive for cleaner beach and oceans and countryside, and who can complain about that? With our luxury cottages offering self catering it proved a challenge to find ways to reflect to our guests the changes we made to our properties but it soon became reflected in our arrival hampers, which changed to offering recyclable, glass-bottled milk that is both organic and 100% recyclable.


Making Changes

Removing single-use plastics from our properties was the first on the list to help us create a lasting change. With thirteen luxury properties each offering bathroom toiletries, our non-recyclable single-use plastic footprint would equate to about 16 kilograms throughout the year which, following our switch to re-fillable Living Sea Therapy hand soap and lotion, has now been eradicated.

Alongside this is something which has had an ongoing impact upon the ocean, plastic bodyboards. The traditional plastic bodyboards break easily on the waves, leaving microplastics that escape into the ocean and create unseen damage to sealife. This is why we took the change to move away from these boards and offer our guests wooden bellyboards, a more traditional Cornish way of riding the ocean waves.

We're proud to be a part of Plastic Free St Ives and hope that the changes we make help enact a positive change on our local environment to keep St Ives looking at its best for those staying with us in our luxury self catering cottages in St Ives.