Looking forward into 2018

Conor Fletcher

The year is almost over and as 2017 ends itself with a crescendo of Christmas festivities, we edge closer to turning the page and beginning a new chapter in the story of St Ives. We’ve had so many exciting things happening over the course of this past year so it feels rather fitting to conclude the year with a recap of all the wonderful things that have helped make this year so great for the guests who have stayed with us in our luxury apartments in St Ives.

Tate St Ives

The Tate has become one of the iconic landmarks of St Ives, the bold architectural features coupled with some of the most interesting artwork in St Ives has made the Tate a must visit for everyone passing through the town. This October the Tate opened its doors once more after undergoing a considerable architectural revamp, now exhibiting the story of St Ives through artists that have helped make the town what it is today. The newly revamped Tate, St Ives has been a stand out success and is the perfect day out to envelope yourself in art while staying in our luxury apartments in St Ives.

St Ives September Festival

Literature and the arts have, and quite possibly will always be associated with St Ives and when staying with us in one of our luxury apartments in St Ives you are right in the heart of the artistic heritage of the town. The St Ives September Festival this year was the perfect way for everyone to embrace what has made the St Ives story so intricate and noteworthy. Not only that, we’ve had some wonderful events pop up throughout the festival from ‘Spot the artist’ to music and merriment throughout the town.

Firework night

It quite literally went off with a bang, forgive the pun but Firework Night throughout the country is always a special evening for everyone to enjoy together. Sitting on the edges of Smeaton’s Pier with a cup of hot chocolate as the skies light up above us. It’s something that no matter how cold it is, or how windy it might be or even if we get slightly damp in the misty rain the evening never ceases to become one of those special nights you never forget, of course there’s always the option of residing in the comfort of your own St Ives luxury apartment and enjoying it all from the window!

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As we approach the turn of the year there is so much to look toward, the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives will be celebrating their tenth year since opening and with it there is so much to excite us as the year turns over a new page and we start all over again.

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