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Conor Fletcher

Staying in one of our luxury apartments in St Ives is without question the best way to enjoy the picturesque coastland and the quaint homely feel of the traditional Cornish town. St Ives is full of opportunities both far and wide from the town’s local community full of intriguing and creative individuals to the nearby coast with the awe inspiring ocean aside it. Everything you need and more can be accessed from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives.

A short walk from the one of our luxury apartments in St Ives will lead you through the winding maze of cobblestone streets and quiet causeways, each walkway leads to another differing aspect of the town from the sands of the beaches (which are almost always never a minute or two away) to the boutique shops and exciting restaurants that filter themselves throughout St Ives.

If you’re heading out for a journey into the town and fancy a bite to eat away from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives then why not stop for a moment at The Digey Food Room, only a minute from your luxury apartment in St Ives down the cobbled streets past Norway Stores.

The Digey is the perfect place to sit back in the ‘old town’ of St Ives; tucked away off from the main street the Digey offers a delicious menu of Cornish Delicacies to help start your day before wandering in and around some of the town’s boutique shopping destinations, all encapsulated in their traditional cottage-like buildings with years of history.

Once you’re in the town then the amount of choice that sits before you is endless. Art galleries throughout the streets offer different looks into the town through a number of different mediums, be it pottery or portrait. The boutique shops that the town has are full to the brim with special keepsakes that will remind you of St Ives forever and it has something for everyone; from traditional Cornish charms to a variety of wonderful wares and an almost limitless supply of rich and creamy Cornish fudge, surely a must to take back to your luxury apartment in St Ives?

As you head along the streets take note of the amount of choice on offer for your evening out on the town, from the Seafood Cafe with it’s window full of fresh fish, to the sea facing restaurants on the harbour with their vast open windows overlooking the sun setting on the horizon. Differing delicacies suited to your particular pallet are out there waiting to be discovered from gourmet burgers at Blas Burgerworks to fine dining at Alba Restaurant so why not make the most of the day and do some searching for your favourite speciality? If you’re struggling to decide where to eat the Sail Lofts Team are always on hand to help.

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Even a short adventure in the town will open your horizons to the plethora of choice that the town has at hand, so why not accentuate your stay in our luxury apartments in St Ives by indulging in the finest that Cornwall has to offer? With twelve luxury apartments in St Ives allowing you to enjoy the best of the town you'll find so much to do and see throughout the year.

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