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Conor Fletcher

Duchy Fairs Cornwall
There are two sides of Cornwall you can discover while on a luxury self catering holiday in St Ives. One that hits you directly when you arrive to this part of the world, some find it awe-inspiring and others find it a revitalising relief. The other side is something that can stay with you much longer, a timeless memory that captures the essence of your time away - the perfect précis of your time away. Whether it's encapsulated in art or held in something more tangible, there's nothing like a keepsake to remind you of your time in the South West.

Cornwall is full of local traders and producers that help you maintain the spirit of your time here once you are back home, whether it's something in the fridge or adorned around the house. Of course that perfect memento doesn't always fall on your lap, and being able to discover what's on offer isn't always the easiest. Fortunately there are a number of ways for you to embrace the spirit of Cornwall through local markets, shops and more. With St Ives full to the brim with local treats you can discover something for yourself whether it's from the local Farmer's Market that takes place every Thursday or local traders like the St Ives Company who offer hampers designed to give you something to remember your time in Cornwall.

While you're staying it St Ives it might be worthwhile making the most of reserved parking and venture across the coast to find out what else Cornwall has to offer. Truro is just a short drive from St Ives and this month has a great opportunity to discover some of the county's great local creators. Duchy Fairs is an event put together to celebrate this, putting at the forefront the local creators and producers for all to see and is going to be taking place very soon, on Saturday the 17th of July.

It's going to be a great way to shop small and take home something unique from your time away and well worth a visit. The whole event is about buying from independent sellers, offering a wide range of different things from accessories to lifestyle wares, art and jewellery. So while you're with us this summer in our luxury self catering apartments in St Ives why not go on a little adventure and take home something unique to remember your time in the South West?

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