What makes an Autumn in St Ives so unique?

Conor Fletcher

Autumn in St Ives; and for that matter Cornwall, is unique. Cornwall itself is different to greater England as it's so truly dissimilar both culturally and environmentally that it's often regarded as a place of it's own. Local bias aside, Cornwall has an ocean that often resembles something similar to foreign shores, weather that is both up and down yet, when the sun sits in the sky, free from disruption of cloud coverage leaving it a bright white light on a sea of azure blue then what makes this county so special is quite literally brought to light.

But what makes Autumn so special? The answer of course is quite simple. Once the summer has passed us by and the heat begins to fade, Cornwall assumes a new climate. Neither blisteringly hot nor bitterly cold, the autumnal weather is wonderful. It is quite simply the best time to visit if you're looking for an exploration of Cornwall to discover what makes the county so great. The weather suits anyone, regardless of what you would like to do, beaches are less populated of course but the autumnal winds bring the waves to Porthmeor, turning it into the perfect beach to test yourself on the waves under the glistening St Ives sun.

But if staying on dry land is more to your taste then why not make the most of the Cornish coastline? All throughout St Ives the Cornish coast is there to step foot across, without much effort you can find yourself dotting the beaches heading toward Hayle or, should you be feeling more brave, climbing the cliffside heading toward Zennor (this is only half true, but for the most part the journey takes a lot of effort!). Only a few minutes drive and you can end up on the Tin Coast, heading toward St Just and Pendeen you will be met with countless mineshafts and wheelhouses - relics of a time since passed.

All of this freedom quite simply means that an autumnal visit is the best time to bring your four-legged friend to St Ives, at the Sail Lofts we have four luxury dog friendly properties to suit your needs, from the St Ives townhouse Curno with views of the Island and the greater town or the luxury apartment Harbour, perfect for a family with its two bedrooms and family bathroom.

You could also head inland and discover the intricacies of the Cornish coast, take the B3311 through to Nancledra and find yourself stopping around Cripplesease and gaze upon both coastlines on a clear day, after which make your way to Tremenheere and visit one of the many gardens of Cornwall, perfect to spend a warm autumnal afternoon.

Autumn in St Ives is very much like the summer, the only differing factors are that the town is quieter and the air is a little cooler, meaning it is quite simply one of the best times to visit. Cornwall has so much to do so why not make the most of it by visiting this season? Take a look online at our availabilty or call us in the office on 01736 799175 to find out more about when you can next be in St Ives.