Travelling by Train

Conor Fletcher

Taking the train to St Ives has never been easier, and it's a fantastic way to embrace the sights and sounds of Cornwall as you look through the window out upon the hillsides and coastal scenery that by and large makes up the most of the county. Coming by train means you can leave behind the hassle of driving across the country to get to Cornwall, avoiding the traffic jams and constant foreboding spectre of continuous delays. Coming to Cornwall by rail means you can move past all of this - quite literally. Whilst those travelling down in automobile might be caught up in the malaise of mass transit, the train (for the most part) cascades its way down the coast at relative anticipated intervals, you know that once you've passed Plymouth and crossed the Royal Albert over the Tamar, the sights and sounds of St Ives will soon be swiftly upon you.

Taking the train from Paddington leaves you on a direct route down the southern coastline, mazing its way through Bristol and Exeter before setting sights upon Cornwall, on a good line if all things go well you're essentially on a straight train to St Erth where which the only transfer you will need to do takes place. St Erth is a small town coming from Penzance where the train will take you on an arc across St Ives Bay, seeing it in all of it's glory (especially on a summers day when the weather allows the ocean to embrace its azure shine). The golden sands of the beaches are clearly visible through the window of the train as it looks back upon St Ives on its way toward the town. The train curls its way around the bay letting the passengers take in the awe-inspiring views before their arrival.

Once you've arrived in St Ives you're atop the crest of the hill from there onward it's a slow casual walk down through the town heading toward the Sail Lofts luxury apartments. But the journey allows you to take in that initial experience of St Ives as a town, seeing the many boutique shops and market stalls that help make the town what it is today.

If the walk isn't for you and you feel the stress of travelling has taken it's final toll then the team at the Sail Lofts are at hand to make things a little easier for you. If you're booking a stay with us or are going to do so and wish to takes the train down to Cornwall but are in need of a helping hand for that final stint then let us know and we can arrange travel plans from the station to the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives.

If you are looking to book a stay with us then why not take a look at our accommodation online? Travelling to Cornwall has never been easier, especially when travelling on the Cornish Riviera Express. To find out more about how you can get to St Ives then take a look at how to find us on our site. If you want to find out more about what you can do in Cornwall by embracing the train line then why not give us a call in the office on 01736 799175 and one of the team will be more than happy to talk about what makes travelling by train so wonderfully unique to get to St Ives.