Spot the Artist

Conor Fletcher

There are so many hidden facets of St Ives that go unnoticed, so much passes us by that we don't stop and take a second to see what's taking place right before our eyes. Staying with us at the Sail Lofts, aside from staying in luxury apartments in St Ives adjacent to Porthmeor Beach you have so much more to enjoy if you stop, take a moment and find out what's on. Of course this isn't something that comes easy to any of us, coming for a relaxing break in St Ives means you're essentially looking for one thing - space to unwind. What goes by unnoticed of course is almost everything on offer here, leaving it a hidden gem for the few who pause to take note of what's truly on offer throughout their holiday in St Ives.

The St Ives September Festival has passed us by in a flash, we’re already reaching the conclusion of the two week event which has passed us by as quickly as summer had. Events have taken place and promptly concluded just as the weather has been sunny as you could imagine, only for it to rain later in the afternoon. It's as unpredictable as it is wonderful and we have fortunately been there to experience the whole of it. While I say we've been here to experience the whole of it this is in fact a lapse of the truth. Only this weekend something I had never heard of had taken place, something truly unique and intriguing about St Ives and something, which, for the most part truly rewards those who go above and beyond to get the fullest experience, whatever the weather.

What am I talking about? Well if you've seen the title of this post I'm sure you're thinking how haven't I managed to get to the point already? In an almost pale reflection of the waiting that takes place during the Spot the Artist event I have attempted to build up suspense and wonder at what the event actually is, but I'll get to the point. Hosted by the Rotary Club of St Ives, the Spot the Artist event is a fantastic way to benefit charity and potentially end up with a piece of artwork in your hands well worth keeping hold of, taking place a few minutes from the Sail Lofts luxury self catering apartments at the St Ives School of Painting, it's certainly worth a trip out.

Taking place in and outside of the St Ives School of Painting, the Spot the Artist exhibition is a unique twist on an exhibition. You queue outside of the gallery in the early hours in order to secure a place in the line for when the doors open at 9am, this only rewards the brave people who wait through wind and rain through the night to be the first through the door in the morning.

When the doors eventually do open, you are met with a gallery of art for sale, postcard sized pieces of perfection, all for the price of £45.00. The trick is however that all of the art has been signed on the reverse, meaning that in theory you don't know who any particular piece is by (unless you have a keen eye). All of the profits go to charity and you could end up with something worth well beyond what you paid for on the day so if you're here throughout next year's September Festival then this is an event well and truly worth taking part in.

If you're looking to stay in St Ives next summer and make the most of the St Ives September Festival, including the Spot the Artist event, then why not take a look online at our availability? With summer's dates already released for next year there is little reason to not get yourself booked in to make the most of a late summer in St Ives. Call the office on 01736 799175 to talk about what makes St Ives so good to visit in September and to find out more about our availability.