Summer 2018 Availability

Conor Fletcher

Now that a few weeks have passed us by after a busy summer at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives, as the autumnal air begins to fall upon us we're getting ready for the latter half of the year looking forward to a wonderful winter in St Ives and beyond. But from today while your wintery plans are without doubt in the forefront of your mind, isn't it time you get thinking about next summer?

From today all of our summer availability has been released online now that the Priority Booking window has ended all of the remaining summer properties are free to book for your next summer escape in one of our luxury apartments in St Ives. Enjoy days spent making the most of our English summer, this year St Ives has enjoyed some of the best weather imaginable as Porthmeor has become the place to spend the week if you're staying in St Ives. Constructing an encampment at dawn to secure the best possible location on the beach and spending the day from sunrise to sunset on the beaches has been a common theme throughout July and August despite some downpours taking place from time to time.

While on the topic of the beaches, some of the most interesting mornings in St Ives have come when we look out toward the ocean, dolphins have been spotted frequently across Porthmeor this summer, leaving those staying in Slipway a special surprise as they look out toward the Atlantic from their apartment balcony.

Away from the beach there is so much more to do should you want to get a break from the sand and tread on firmer ground. Cornwall has a wealth of things to do if you're out and about from enjoying some of the many fine restaurants dotted around the coast or, should you be feeling adventurous visiting some of the more quaint hidden gems along the Cornish coast.

If you're more into staying 'closer to home' St Ives is innundated with events taking place throughout the summer to keep you satisfied. From the St Ives Raft Race to Lifeboat Day the town truly comes alive for the summer, the harbour front is busy and bustling night and day leaving no moment of your stay in one of our luxury apartments in St Ives with nothing at hand to see or do.

From October with the reintroduction of the newly renovated Tate, St Ives has a wealth of hot spots for those coming to visit to experience the art in St Ives with exhibitions givign an overview of the historical importance of art upon the town. Accompany this with a day spent enjoying Cornish crafts in the many St Ives boutique shops and you have a perfect summer's day in St Ives.

So if you've missed out on a summer in St Ives this year, want to come back for another or simply need a relaxing break to look forward to - what are you waiting for? Summer availability in St Ives is hotly contested, the weather's perfect and there's no better place to be. Don't miss out, take a look online at our availability or give us a call in the office on 01736 799175.