The Island of St Ives

Conor Fletcher

We all know it as The Island, the large green hillside that sits adjacent to the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives. But ultimately we're giving it a disservice (or the opposite?) as 'The Island' as we know it is by and large connected to greater St Ives, leaving it nothing more than a mere peninsula. But what makes it such an icon of St Ives, both historically and throughout the iconography of St Ives as a whole? The green hillside garnished with a small but charming chapel has become synonymous with the town, and throughout most photographical collections of the town (I would be impressed if you can't find it at least somewhere on this site alone), Pendinas; as it has been known as in the past, remains a stalwart in St Ives lore and imagery.

Throughout the years of course The Island has assumed many a moniker, but from the archaic Pendinas to what we know it today its purpose has without doubt changed with the times. Sitting atop The Island is the Chapel of St Nicholas, a small and unassuming building that has existed for centuries and the date of it's true establishment is unknown only fortifying the mystery of the location. Throughout history however it has been clear that The Island has served purpose fit to the time, once serving as a lighthouse or pharos for ships at sea. Of course Pendinas as a name translates roughly to fortified headland which manages to reflect a more militaristic history to the location.

Of course what springs to mind with the translation is something resembling a battlement of sorts, this begs the question as to what became of The Island during World War Two, the answer is quite surprisingly nothing. During the Napoleonic period, what is today a coastguard lookout, used to be a battery of guns overlooking the bay. Over time however the practicality of these guns waned before they were finally dismantled around 1900. Eventually reintroducing them in the 1940's became surplus to requirements during the war, rendering them a past reflection of Cornwall's naval history.

As we know it today however the true purpose of The Island has somewhat changed, we're no longer in need of it serving as a guide, or protection from outside invader, or a place for worship but as ever it has repurposed itself now becoming the perfect spot to take your camera and capture a fantastic vista of Porthmeor, or to capture Cornwall's antiquity and beauty with the Chapel front and centre and the greenery behind serving as a perfect backdrop.

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