Tate St Ives Reopening

Conor Fletcher

We're just about a month away from the Tate's reopening in St Ives, leaving it the perfect time to book a stay this October. The opening, which takes place on the 14th of October will be the culmination of hours of work spent reinvigorating the Tate, transforming it to accommodate the thousands of visitors that pass through it weekly and help further reflect artistry in St Ives today.

Upon the grand opening of the Tate a new exhibit is opening which helps reflect the importance of art in the town. Efficiently titled 'Modern Art and St Ives' the gallery will allow Tate to reflect the importance art has had upon the town and exhibit some of the most well known artists who have lived and worked in the area, including artists such as Ben Nicholson and Peter Lanyon the exhibit will allow you to get the greatest insight into modern arts importance to the town from works by those who have helped shape the modern identity as it is known today. All of this is in addition to the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Gardens allows for autumnal days spent outdoors and in.

Alongside it's reflection of Cornwall and St Ives' artistic imprint, the Tate will be making Rebecca Warren; sculptor and visual artist the headline of the their reopening. Her first solo exhibition in eight years; Warren's work will relay the artistic legacy of St Ives and allow it to be intertwined with her own work, what is without question the forefront of the reopening Warren's work is a must see for those who happen to be in St Ives for the reopening.

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