Our top 3 St Ives Pasties

Katy Peck

As a question asked on a daily basis by guests staying at Sail Lofts luxury self-catering accommodation in St Ives, “where can I get a great pasty in St Ives” which may seem a relatively simple question however, its answer may be hotly contested, so I always start my response with ‘in my opinion’ …


St Ives Bakery

If you are one for flakey pastry, melt in your mouth potatoes, salt and peppered to perfection you cannot go far wrong picking up any of the selection from St Ives bakery. In fact, it is our office go to during busy Friday change-overs to pick up a tasty hot treat to quell our Cornish hunger, as tried and tested by our Cornish handyman Dave, who will accept nothing less than a St Ives Bakery Pasty.

St Ives Bakery is also only a short saunter from the Sail Lofts self-catering accommodation, so is within perfect walking distance for a quick bite to eat.


This could be a controversial addition to the list as Philps bakery is not actually *located within St Ives itself, however, has two outlets within St Ives Bay situated in Hayle -  a good spot should any guests be heading out of St Ives to explore the local area, with handy car park outside.

I have never known a pasty shop with a queue on any day of the week, come rain or shine thirty people long backing out of the shop and around the corner. This alone speaks of the popularity of a Philp’s pasty, rich in colour with the crispest of pastry and mouth watering filling. You cannot go far wrong with their use of the best local ingredients.

Pasty Presto (now known as The Cornish Bakery)

The Cornish Bakery chain can now be found throughout Cornwall and is a safe go to when visiting any part of the county. With their exciting range of specialty savory and sweet pasties you cannot go far wrong when picking your Cornish delicacy. My personal favourite is to pick up a chocolate and banana pasty to pop in the oven at home and have as an after dinner treat, however, I do recommend sharing. If sweet doesn’t quite make your idea of a Cornish Pasty try their curried parsnip offering and you will not be disappointed.

The team in the office at the Sail Lofts are on hand Monday to Friday to answer questions to do with the St Ives area and to impart their local knowledge to help guests experience the best that St Ives has to offer. So do not be shy when staying at the luxury self-catering accommodation, pop in the office and meet the team, you never know what you might discover.


*BLOG UPDATE: Philps new store on the harbour front! Be sure to check it out during your next visit!