Luxury self catering vs luxury hotel

Katy Peck

It can sometimes be hard to choose between a luxury self-catering apartment or a luxury hotel in Cornwall, luckily these do not have to be the only two options…

Comparing the options

A luxury hotel can have a lot to offer in terms of the relaxation factor whilst on holiday in Cornwall. It’s hassle free and will have all the modern conveniences of Wi-Fi, onsite restaurant and if you are lucky, a spa. With all these perks on your doorstep, however, does it encourage you to go out and experience your surroundings? What if you are considering a week-long stay, will your hotel room start to feel perhaps a little too cosy?

Luxury self-catering should eliminate the need for more space and offer a homely feel when away for an extended stay, putting a strong focus on a good location, and a need to be near the hub of activity for nights when you don’t feel like cooking. However isn’t it nice to not have to sit in a buffet hall first thing in the morning with other holiday makers, and instead choose your own time for breakfast in the comfort of your own four walls, whilst listening to the radio and pottering around the kitchen as your tea brews in the pot?

The downside though to luxury self-catering in Cornwall can be it feeling remote. What if something goes wrong? Who is on hand to help? Is the rental agency going to care when they are at the end of a phone? Whilst in a hotel you have the reception to report to should something be less than perfect.

Two very different opportunities for a luxury holiday, which is right for you? What if there was the possibility to have the best of both worlds…

Luxury self-catering in Cornwall with concierge at the Sail Lofts

Two of the best forms of luxury holiday united, the Sail Lofts have combined the laid back atmosphere of a luxury self-catering holiday in St Ives with the convenience of having an onsite concierge office with guest hosts on hand during the day and night to answer your every need.

Located in the center of St Ives the luxury apartments in Cornwall are only a short stroll from some of Britain’s finest restaurants and bars, giving you the convenience of luxury dining on your doorstep or the opportunity to stay in and cater for yourself in a fully equipped luxury kitchen with all the modern conveniences.

Each luxury apartment comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, Apple TV for films, catch-up TV and Bose wireless sound systems for relaxing in your luxury surroundings, enjoying your favourite music and films, with the peace of mind that you are in the capable hands of the dedicated Sail Lofts team.

Should you wish to book or enquire about a luxury apartment in Cornwall with the Sail Lofts why not give the team a call on 01736 799175 or alternatively email, for a full list of their luxury accommodation in Cornwall please follow the link.