Luxury Accommodation by the Sea

Conor Fletcher

St Ives is the perfect destination to envelop yourself in everything that makes Cornwall so special and unique, it has everything you would need; from the beach to the inspirational countryside all contained within a town rich with artistic heritage and interlaced with boutique shopping destinations. It truly has something for everyone. Staying with us in our luxury accommodation in Cornwall there is so much to do and see each and every day you’re in the town. Whether you want a self-contained St Ives retreat or are here to explore the options at the door, the opportunity at hand from our luxury apartments in St Ives is truly endless.

Exploring the beaches of St Ives is as simple as stepping outside. Adjacent to the entrance to the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives is the slipway to Porthmeor Beach; with its cobbled stonework swept with sand before it opens up to the expansive beach stretching out along the edge of the town. Porthmeor Beach is without question to go-to destination in the warm summer months but regardless of the time of year the sands are home to many of St Ives’ visitors both two and four legs alike. During the winter the beach is the best place to witness the blustering, tumultuous Atlantic Ocean, awe-inspiring as it is there’s nothing better than heading back to the warmth of your luxury dog friendly accommodation in St Ives, taking shelter from the ceaseless breaking of white waves on the rocks aside the sand.

A short walk from our luxury apartments in St Ives takes you to Porthgwidden; a quaint, sheltered beach that is protected from the Atlantic winds. It’s a considerable amount smaller than Porthmeor but that’s no detrimental factor, Porthgwidden is the perfect encapsulation of a St Ives beach; golden sands, blue seas and protected from any wild waves. It’s the best destination for families as you can keep an eye on everyone without them going too far, not only that, the adjacent Porthgwidden Beach Café is the perfect place for a bite to eat.

When summer hits, any sand is good and the Harbour front becomes a great place to experience the entire town from one centralised location. Shops and cafés are no more than a few metres away so a quick step across the road is great to grab a quick lunch to eat on the beach. With all of your options being only minutes from the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives there’s really no reason you shouldn’t find out what you prefer, be it the long stretch of beach or the nestled shelter of Porthgwidden or the easy access of the Harbour.

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The choices for beaches in St Ives leave you the option of finding the beach that most suits your needs, be it for the surf, the sand or easy access to the town. Being in St Ives also means you're able to explore the vast array of inlets, coves and miles of sand that the county has to offer near and far. Our luxury accommodation in St Ives allows for the opportunity to discover what makes Cornwall the destination for so many people throughout the year, so what are you waiting for? Find out more by taking a look at our availability online or call the team on 01736 799175.