Restaurants in St Ives: Beer & Bird

Conor Fletcher

In the heart of St Ives there are a number of restaurants to pick everyone’s choosing, from the seafood specialists to the local cuisine of Cornwall. St Ives allows for a wonderful opportunity to explore a wide variety of flavours to sensationalise your taste buds and there are so many restaurants, bars and quaint cafes out there waiting for you upon your arrival with us at the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives.

Located on Fore Street in the centre of town Beer & Bird is a restaurant and bar that truly lives up to its name. With a menu laden with choice; from bird buckets to burgers there is sure to be an item on the menu for you. The rustic interior is focused around the central bar filled with a variety of drinks for you to try out (with an expansive menu of beers in a number of exciting varieties). The staff are at hand to lend some information about the incredible variety of drinks that are waiting to be discovered. The bar itself is as you can imagine centred around beer and with a menu of twelve pages there is no question that the drink for you is ready and waiting. Perfect for those looking to explore a variety of drinks from around the world. Being in St Ives and staying in the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in Cornwall it's almost rude not to try some of Cornwall's local beverages and Beer & Bird has it all waiting for you.

Of course, if neither birds nor beers are to your taste then the restaurant does offer something for visitors. Vegetarian and vegan options have their own little location on the menu with burgers and salads at hand to enjoy. Of course, on a wet and windy day in town the Beer & Bird offers some mid-day reprieve from the outside with the coffee on offer. The locally sourced beans create deeply enriched flavours to warm you through on winter afternoons in St Ives.

If you’re staying with us at the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives then the Beer & Bird is certainly worth a visit either for a drink or a bite to eat. A quick trip from your luxury apartment in St Ives through Fore Street takes you to the door of this restaurant and it’s well worth experiencing.

To find out when you can next be in St Ives to enjoy the expansive culinary selection on offer then take a look at when you can take advantage of out St Ives luxury accommodation, just off from the beach in the heart of the town. Take a look online at our availability or call the team on 01736 799175 to find out more.