Cornwall Air Ambulance and the RNLI

Rachel Adams

Cornwall Air Ambulance

In Cornwall we are lucky enough to have the Cornwall Air Ambulance service ready to provide critical care to seriously injured and sick. Set up as a charity in 1987 Cornwall Air Ambulance has now attended to over 31000 calls and saved many lives. To continue, it is reliant on the generous donations from the public because without us they would not be able to fly their helicopters.

Their work very important and lifesaving to both locals and visitors here in Cornwall, because they are able to access and arrive to the more remote coastal areas and locations, in which, an Ambulance would otherwise struggle to access quickly. Supplied with paramedic aircrew the service is able to perform life saving care at the scene of the incident before flying to the nearest appropriate hospital.

Seeing the Air Ambulance land or fly along our coasts is very powerful to us. Knowing that they have or are just about to save a life that could potentially not make it otherwise, is something that makes us very proud to have here. To think what an amazing job the charity do at providing us with quick and life saving care is truly incredible.

The RNLI - St Ives Lifeboat Station

The RNLI is a volunteered lifeboat crew that assist people in danger or seriously injured at sea. They provide a 24 hour service in order to protect, rescue and save lives. The RNLI  started just under 200 years ago in 1824 and have saved over 140,000 lives in the UK .

In St Ives we are lucky to have a lifeboat station here and many lifeguards to provide a safe environment for our beautiful beaches. The lifeboat crew in St Ives have been saving lives since 1839 and have been rewarded with many medals for their hard and dedicated work. They primarily operate 2 lifeboats; a Shannon class all weather lifeboat and a D class inshore lifeboat.

The lifeboat station is open to visitors between April and October, where you can go and experience what an amazing facility we have here in St Ives. Providing information for exactly what they do and what they offer for our country. They are also actively providing training and education for the youth on how to stay safer at sea and the importance of the RNLI but also inspiring our young by allowing them to meet the crew and volunteers.

We are very grateful and proud of our rescuing and emergency services we have to save lives here in Cornwall and we encourage you to donate to both of these incredible safety services if you can in order for them to continue their life changing work.

Donate to Cornwall Air Ambulance here and to donate to the RNLI you can donate here.

Image Credit: Cornwall Air Ambulance