An evening out in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

It so often happens that you tend to ignore the things you see so often, on the homeward bound commute I regularly pass a restaurant on the edge of Porthmeor Beach suitably named the Porthmeor Beach Café. A casual stroll from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments brings you to the beaches edge and with it the entrance to one of the nicest restaurants in the town. The reastaurant is very well adapted to the shape of the beach, just on the cusp of the sands edge the restaurant is overlooking the wide expanse of Porthmeor, its lush sands and glistening blue sea included. After much fuss and contemplation I decided that I would pay a visit to the restuarant I look upon with curious eyes every day, as it met my dietary requirements (being gluten free isn't always so easy as it sounds) I got on the phone and booked myself a booth overlooking the ocean.

Things of course didn't go to plan, following a week of bright sun and blue skies Friday evening began to look ominous in the weather forecast and my hopes of a meal in the warmth of the Cornish sun began to fade. Fortunately as the day itself drew out the clouds passed overhead and the blue sky emerged, and the promise of enjoying a meal outside with amidst the setting sun was suddenly back on.

Fortunately for those with dietary limitations the menu at the Porthmeor Beach Café makes a worthy effort to clearly signify which foods are both vegetarian and gluten free. As I have made the conscious effort to wall myself in as much as possible as a gluten free pescatarian my options are somewhat limited. I ordered the grilled whole sea bass which came with a distinctive fennel, chicory and orange salad which both lightened the dish and provided that citric flare that goes so well with fish. To accompany this a selection off the evening tapas menu; crispy polenta with a bravas sauce and aioli, with a tiny bit of heat this dish acted as a stable compliment to the fish. What intrigued me most however was not the food, despite my enjoyment. The real marvel of Porthmeor Beach Café is the booths.

It doesn't take a genius to realise how the booths would be perfect for a group but the isolation they provided made overlooking the sea drift closer and closer as the sun slowly descended its way down the horizon that extra bit more special. In some restaurants you can feel overwhelmed if you are a smaller group next to other, more boisterous gatherings so being gifted the privacy of a booth limits the encroachment upon the meal, perfect to allow everyone a perfect evening regardless of group size. The longer the evening drew out the colder the weather would become and despite being open to the elements the temperature of the booth never changed, the warm evening in late April continued on thanks to the heating that keeps the evening carrying on regardless of the weather. It may seem as though I'm exaggerating the importance of the booths but they helped make what was a busy night in the restaurant go unnoticed, something I feel deserves such praise.

As the evening drew on and the darkness descended upon Porthmeor my evening out in St Ives began to come to a close. I would highly recommend a visit to the Porthmeor Beach Café not only for the fantastic views of the setting sun but for the wonderful variety of food and drink on offer, I have visited many of the restaurants in and around the town and not many offer this type of experience arguably the best on offer for couples and groups alike and the best part is it's mere moments from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments, a short evening stroll through the St Ives side-streets leads you right next to Porthmeor and it's wonderful restaurant.

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