St Ives RNLI Lifeboat Day

Conor Fletcher

It’s not a stretch to say that Cornwall comes alive in the summer, the weather’s warm the skies are blue and the sand, unsurprisingly, is as golden as ever. Just one of the many things in store here in St Ives this summer is the RNLI Lifeboat Day, held annually in August. It’s a time for locals and those from far and wide to appreciate one of what I feel is one of Cornwall’s most important services.

The RNLI of course will be forever ingrained in Cornwall’s history and local maritime heritage. As I grew up on the other side of Cornwall, in Penzance I was frequently reminded of the 1981 Penlee Lifeboat Disaster, this was a real reminder to those living in the area of the cost that is made by the volunteer lifeboat crews all over the country. Eight men manned the Solomon Brown aiming to assist the MV Union Star and its failing engines amidst high winds and treacherous waves. The wooden craft set out into the sea that night with those eight men and despite the obvious danger they heroically put their lives at risk for others, but unfortunately the crew of the Solomon Brown and those of the MV Union Star never returned to shore safely.

The disaster at Penlee was just one of many acts of heroism that the RNLI have made to protect those on the seas, but this is the problem, we never give praise to the success that take place so often and only mourn during tragedy. That’s why events like the RNLI Lifeboat Day are so important because they allow us to give back to those who often go unnoticed.

The St Ives town will come alive and hope to raise as much as possible for this volunteer organization, the harbour front will be laden with stalls as the lifeboat crews put on displays throughout the day. It's a great opportunity to take the family out and wander through the town in the warmth of the midday sun and see what’s on offer and maybe help support the RNLI by trying one of the many cakes on offer as well!

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The RNLI Lifeboat Day in St Ives will be held this year on August 17th and run throughout the day, if you haven’t already there’s still chance to book a visit to St Ives in one of the Sail Lofts luxury apartments and get a taste of Cornwall. To find out more have a look online or give the office a call on 01736 799175.

Image credit: RNLI ST Ives Lifeboat Station