Featured Summer Apartment – Surf

Conor Fletcher

St Ives, regardless of the season, is special. Yes it’s known all over for the azure skies and glistening turquoise ocean breaking its way on to golden sands, St Ives has become the idyllic snapshot of Cornwall that everyone takes away and rightfully so. But there are some things that can’t be captured in a photo or recorded on video; sometimes memories are founded in moments you simply can’t capture in an instant. Regardless of the season the best memories are made in moments that for the most part are unexpected, unplanned random occurrences that stick in the mind years after, moments spent with others or those times when you’re alone and for whatever reason truly appreciate what lies before you. Whether you’re alone or visiting St Ives as a couple, Surf provides the perfect place to begin a foray in to St Ives and forge these everlasting memories. Centrally located in the Sail Lofts apartment complex the two-story apartment is perfect to come and escape to St Ives this summer and begin your luxury self catering getaway in Cornwall.

Compact and affordable Surf can be the perfect luxury foothold for a couple in St Ives during the summer. Like the other apartments at the Sail Lofts it is centrally located and mere minutes away from the town centre and a variety of beaches, it’s great if you want to visit St Ives with a taste of luxury. The property is laid over two floors with the kitchen and living areas on the ground floor so you can get in and immediately sit back after a long day spent traversing the town.

If you’re spent after countless expeditions around the town why not spend an afternoon sitting on the illustrious green banks of the Island overlooking Porthgwidden and Porthmeor beaches? In moments like these it becomes abundantly clear what makes Cornwall so special, the town itself is unique with it’s winding alleys and quaint feel, the relaxed atmosphere lets you forget about all the stress of daily life and simply enjoy the moment.

By staying in the Sail Lofts luxury self catering in St Ives, there is one thing you can be assured of, our guest hosts are at hand to make sure your stay meets every expectation you have before you arrive and during your stay. With concierge services you have the option to make the best of self catering in Cornwall by ordering local produce from Cornish suppliers, and why not try the finest the ocean has to offer when in St Ives – it has and always will be a part of this town so why not get a taste of Cornwall while you’re here. Whether you fancy freshly caught fish or lobster our team of guest hosts are at hand to deliver whatever you might want at the best trade prices.

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There are so many ways your stay in St Ives can create everlasting memories and the team at the Sail Lofts will always be at hand to ensure you’re able to have the most relaxing break this summer in luxury. If you feel Surf can be your summer escape this year get in touch with the office on 01736 799175 and one of the team will be happy to help.