A Dog friendly Autumn in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

Believe it or not, this British summer will eventually come to an end. Days of blissful sunshine broken up by sporadic downpours of rain will no longer be the case in the coming season as we head closer into autumn, a season known all over for its unsettled weather conditions. Joking aside, while we haven't had the best of summers this year there is much to look forward to this autumn, the main date for your diary is the end of September when the beach ban on dogs comes to a close finally, making it the best time to come to Cornwall and take advantage of luxury dog friendly accommodation in St Ives.

Where to go with a dog in and around St Ives...

So what is to look forward to in Cornwall this coming autumn? At the moment the streets, beaches and in fact, entire county as a whole seems that slight bit quieter. The roads become clearer and places to visit become a lot more open to explore in tranquillity, the best part of this is that not just St Ives, but Cornwall as a whole is the perfect location to take your family or your four legged friends (or even both!) out across the county for the perfect dog friendly retreat.

Penzance to Mousehole

Taking a trip through Penzance there are many hot spots to visit from the art deco inspired Jubilee Pool, an outdoor seawater swimming pool which has lasted throughout the years after being partially destroyed in 2014 in storms. The journey from Penzance to Mousehole takes you across the promenade, a relic of Penzance's seaside resort history. The vast and open paved route is perfect to take your pet out for a walk beside the seafront, making your way through the fishing village of Newlyn and up and around its harbour. From then onward you're on the straight route across the coastal road to the quaint village of Mousehole. It goes without saying that the trip to Mousehole is the best way to take in as much as you can about traditional Cornish life, the coastal road takes you past the edges of the bay as boats sail back and forth across the sea. Throughout various points along the way you have little routes taking you closer to the water's edge should you like to diverge, otherwise the route itself is mostly public footway that stretches all the way to the village which is a small gem on Cornwall's coast, it seems relatively untouched by modernity as the amalgamation of cottages conform around the central harbour.

St Ives to Zennor

A different route no doubt, but the walk from St Ives to Zennor takes you across the wonders of the Cornish coast, certainly a route for the brave the coastal path to Zennor takes you up and down the hills and valleys of the coastline. It's certainly worth a visit as it leads toward Zennor, a quaint Cornish village in the midst of the wild. Famed for its affiliation to novelist D.H. Lawrence and known for the pub that sits in the centre Zennor is certainly worth a walk to should you be looking to get the most out of your luxury accommodation in Cornwall this coming autumn.

So when the weather takes a step back and cools off after the summer why not get an autumnal luxury break in St Ives this year? Whether you want to travel around the coast or take a casual stroll by the sea, it's so easy to get booked in for your autumnal escape. Take a look online or find out more by giving us a call on 0176 799175 and enjoy the most of a dog friendly Cornwall.