St Ives Luxury Apartments

Conor Fletcher

What makes the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives so different to much of Cornish living is how spacious they are. The apartments have been reinvented from their traditional purpose as sail makers' lofts, their high, open ceilings giving them ample space to spread out the expansive fabric of a sail. But it's not just that, the buildings themselves have gone through many a re-invention throughout the years becoming artists' studios (hence why our office is still called Studio 7, a little reminder of the past!) and finally becoming the wonderful congregation of luxury apartments in St Ives that we have today.

The Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives are a unique gaze into St Ives, the provenance behind the buildings enunciate their traditional Cornish heritage, both new and old, yet the apartments themselves are luxury apartments and townhouses that are intertwined with the many cottages that are distributed throughout St Ives - not quite what you would expect in the heart of Cornwall, known for its bijou style of housing. They have space and the light flows into them from outside, illuminating the bedrooms and living spaces. While Cornwall, and to a better extent St Ives feels somewhat cosy, the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives give you the best of luxury accommodation nestled in the heart of a town that has been known for its quirky architectural cottage design in order to fit accommodation in St Ives. Each apartment has been designed to utilise what the buildings offer. Focused around a central courtyard full of bright and bold greenery each one of the apartments are given access to a plethora of light, allowing you to wake with the sunrise.

If, somehow your interest in hitting the beach happens to wane or the weather is left wanting and you feel it's a day best spent relaxing then you're in luck. Each apartment at the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives has all you would need for a relaxing rest. With Bose sound systems, Apple TV and Wi-Fi access you have the choice of taking a break from the outside and enjoying all your luxury apartment in St Ives has to offer you. Fancy a day further afield? Not a problem, with a reserved car parking space for the duration of your stay you can come and go from St Ives with the reassurance you'll always have somewhere to park (rest assured, in St Ives this is quite a big deal).

Cornwall has a lot to offer, so it's well worth getting out and exploring the county has for you to do and see. This is only benefitted by the team at the Sail Lofts, who are essentially your 'people on the inside' with knowledge from North to South they are at hand to give you ideas of places to go and things to see from travels across the tin coast to restaurant reconnaissance they will let you know what's worthwhile and what's not. Most importantly however they are at hand to help with whatever you need during your stay.

So if you're looking to spend your days on the Cornish coast and enjoy the best of luxury accommodation in St Ives then why not book a stay at the Sail Lofts? With all that you would need to spend your holiday in luxury on one of the true gems of England's coastline Cornwall there's little reason not to book. To find out more simply call us in the office on 01736 799175, we'd be more than happy to tell you all about the wonders of the Cornish coast but if you prefer having a look online why not take a look at our accommodation and find out more about luxury apartments in St Ives?