Wet weather days in St Ives

Katy Peck

On this wet and miserable day it can make it hard to cast your mind back to how wonderful 2016 has been and how lucky we have been with the weather so far this year. Summer spread far into Autumn and Autumn brought with it crisp blue skies and stunning sunsets, though with today being our first wet day in a while it seemed like the ideal time to look at what you can do in St Ives when the weather is less than perfect, whilst staying at the Sail Lofts luxury self catering apartments…

Storm watching in St Ives

The Sail Lofts luxury apartments were designed for weathering every kind of storm. Whether that is days and weeks of halcyon sunshine with the sunlight pouring in through the lofts Velux windows, or gale force winds, where you turn the heating up and feel the under floor heating radiating through your toes, warming even the wettest of days (a bit like today).

However, it is worth remembering that St Ives' famous light isn’t reserved only for fair weather days, its comes alive when a storm front blows in from the West, turning the sky from lilac to violent purple, as the rain comes lashing down across the sea and into the towns safe Harbour. All watchable from St Ives’ numerous coffee shops, bars and restaurants lining the Harbour walls.

My favourite is to pull up a pew in Pels and watch the waves lap up the slipway and wash out and across the road, with cars pitching their moment to forge through the short lived tidal surges, as boats bob safely in the Harbour whilst being beaten from the storm above. Peter highly recommends the crepes in Pels along with their coffee and cakes, and can regularly be found sauntering his way in on a Friday ready for the Sail Loft apartment tours (between 11am - 1pm) with a coffee and crepe in hand, ready to start his day.

Shopping in St Ives

When the weather is grim, and rain lashes the cobbles with thick heavy droplets it is good to remember how closely all of St Ives shops sit together, perfect for days spent shop hopping, dodging the down pours and enjoying all of St Ives vibrant high street’s wares, from wonderful galleries to gift shops, home interiors to high street fashion, you shall be sure to find something for everyone and besides plenty for yourself to enjoy.

A hint of local history

Another good stop on a rainy day is St Ives Museum which is tucked behind Smeaton’s Pier, just a five minute walk from Sail Lofts luxury apartments. The museum boasts a treasure trove of local artefacts some of which are connected to the Sail Lofts buildings, which long before being luxury self catering accommodation, were a Pilchard Press where the fishermen pressed their catches of fresh herring into oil. The museum has a number of other fascinating exhibits including the town’s boat building and mining history.

Luxury self catering apartments in St Ives

What ever you decide to do this Autumn for your getaway be sure to consider a St Ives break in one of the Sail Lofts luxury self catering apartments, just moments from where all the action happens, with all the comforts of a home from home. Making sure you enjoy St Ives at its very best.