Through the window, a journey down the Cornish coast

Conor Fletcher

Travelling by train is the best. Not only this, it's the perfect way to start your self catering apartment in St Ives. Travel down the coast and into Cornwall looking out through the window watching the countryside pass you by, we probably all take it for granted but this is surely one of the best ways to travel long distances. There's no waiting in endless streams of traffic, no in-the-car arguments and of course no calls of 'are we there yet?' ringing out at intervals on the hour like a clock. Not only this, travelling by rail is one of the greatest ways to experience Cornwall and it's relationship with the railway, this relationship with the rails has carried on from the early 1800’s developing and changing with the times but never losing it’s importance in the county. If you’re looking to maze your way from Aberdeen to Penzance you most certainly can; that is if you’re willing to endure or enjoy the thirteen and a half hour journey. But from the moment you cross the Tamar Bridge at Plymouth you will finally know you’re safely in Cornwall ready to start your week in a self catering apartment in St Ives.

Our railway feels antiquated, it’s not the same as the new and improved lines seen in greater England, I may sound somewhat disgruntled by this fact but rest assured, I’m not. This is because it undoubtedly gives the many stops, stations and scenery their character. The railway itself is, in its essence a reflection of our past, take for example the station at Bodmin Parkway with a Heritage Service that takes you through to Bodmin General, a classic recreation of the railway industry of the past. These minor facets of the Cornish Rivera just exemplify why journey by rail is the best way, sit comfortably in your seat and watch the English countryside pass you by as you make your way toward St Ives ready for your luxury self catering apartment.

Stopping off as you make your way down the county is a wonderful way to discover some of the lesser-seen areas of Cornwall. Take a detour to Newquay and visit Fistral Beach, the surfing haven of Cornwall. Or of course if you’re a bit of an engine-enthusiast why not stop by at Lappa Valley Steam Railway and experience what is certainly a unique venue in Cornwall. All of these random detours only help exemplify Cornwall for those coming to visit, these areas can certainly go by unnoticed so it’s well worth a visit, just to see some another side of the county.

If you happen to be coming from London, the Cornish Riviera Express will guide you down the coast, stopping off at many of Cornwall’s hotspots and lesser-known locations. After a quick transfer at St Erth station you will get to the St Ives branch line and after countless miles of countryside from the aperture of the train window the scenery finally changes to the golden coastline of the Celtic Sea and St Ives Bay. Arcing its way across the rails you’re given the first snapshot of the town aside the sands of Porthminster Beach. You’re almost here.

A quick taxi from the station to the Sail Lofts and finally the travelling is done and you’re ready to start your luxury self catering holiday. From there onwards you can either enjoy St Ives and all of its wonders or go out and explore Cornwall by rail, the whole county’s only a ticket away…

Travel by train to your self catering apartment in St Ives...

Whether you’re already booked in with us or would still like to, why not take the train to St Ives and enjoy your luxury self catering apartment in St Ives without the worry of the traffic, leaving you to enjoy your break the moment it starts. To get booked in either give us a call in the office on 01736 799175 or take a look online at our availability.