The Sunsets of St Ives

Conor Fletcher

Throughout the summer St Ives offers something truly special as the day draws to a close. The summer sunsets are without question one of the best things to experience as the evening sets in, simply sit, watch and enjoy the hazy colours across the sky changing from purple to deep oranges and reds. There's a few ways that you can experience the sunsets that the town has to offer, with some of the best viewing spots just moments from our luxury cottages in St Ives, here's our picks on how to best enjoy the evening this summer.

Takeaway with a view

St Ives has plenty of restaurants offering takeaway services to enjoy outside on a summer's evening, Stoned Pizza on the harbour front offer takeaway pizzas to enjoy across the town, with a mobile pizza van situated at the end of the harbour you can grab a bite to eat before walking across to the Island, finding the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun fade on the horizon...

Sharing boxes for families

Sharing boxes and platters are a great way to enjoy an evening picnic on the beach, Sharing St Ives offer antipasti by the beach and can be the perfect way for you and your group to make camp on the beach and enjoy the conclusion of a blissful sunny day. Sharing St Ives offer small, medium and large sharing boxes so whether its a family evening out or a sunset on the beach for two there's something to enjoy for everyone.

You can find out more about sharing boxes for summer picnics from Sharing St Ives who offer a delivery service direct to your door.

A Trip to Man's Head

A short walk from our luxury self catering accommodation, across the length of Porthmeor, Man's Head is one of the best spots to overlook St Ives and enjoy the setting sun. Whether you choose to sit on the grass or make a spot on a bench nearby this can be the perfect place to relax as the sun closes out another blissful day in St Ives.

These are just a few ways to experience the dramatic sunsets St Ives has to offer and all are easily enjoyed just moments from our luxury self catering cottages in St Ives, so why not take a look at our availability and find out how soon you can be enjoying a summer getaway?