The Countdown to Summer

Conor Fletcher

St Ives is in the midst of a wonderful spring, birds are singing, the weather's warm and there's not a better place to be in the country than on the sands of this traditional spot on the Cornish coast. But there's nothing more emblematic of the town than those summer days that days stretch out endlessly and the hazy, sunny weather seems to transform the nights into an endless twilight where the light paints the sands of St Ives in hues of pink and purple. There's no question that it's without doubt the most desirable time of year to visit the town, yes it's busier than the spring but that's no surprise when the beaches take on a Mediterranean feel and the seas turn the perfect shade of azure.

Days out this summer

It's not just the weather that gets us counting down until summer starts in St Ives. Throughout the season so much takes place in the town that allows for family days out along Cornwall's coast. Keeping it close in St Ives you have the annual raft race in August on the 10th where you can watch teams try to stay afloat on their creations as they round the harbour avoiding flour bombs from the crowd as they race on, or in (depending on their buoyancy) the sea.

Keeping in line with the nautical theme, later in the month of August you have the RNLI Lifeboat Day on the 23rd, a fantastic opportunity to take the family out and see the lifeboats in action in the harbour and contribute to a cause to closely tied to the town. If you're around a little earlier in the month then why not enjoy the Summer Island Disco? Free and perfect for families, running all day the event features live performances and local food and drink stalls to enjoy. The best part - it's only a few steps from your luxury apartment in St Ives, just step outside, make your way to the Island and enjoy.

What is September in St Ives without the St Ives September Festival? It's not worth knowing as the September Festival has become the stand out fortnight of the summer for so many since it's inception in 1978. The annual music and arts celebration begins at the start of the month and lasts for two weeks covering a range of art mediums from literature, to music and art celebrating everything under the creative umbrella.

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The variety throughout the summer is a great way to experience the range that St Ives has to offer, allowing you to discover the artistic heritage of the town alongside the bright sun we've all come to expect out of the summer in St Ives. Discover when you can be here and take a look at our luxury apartments in St Ives, and start your countdown to a summer in Cornwall.

Image credit: Adam Gibbard and Visit Cornwall