Farewell & Thank You

Abi Love

When I first stepped foot into Sail Lofts 6 years ago it was to apply for a job as a Friday housekeeper but when I got the job I could never have predicted the journey that would then follow; I loved being a cleaner at the Sail Lofts as unlike other places I had cleaned, the Sail Lofts’ apartments were so well looked after by our wonderful handy-man Dave and no matter what mess you walked into they always looked fabulous when you finished – very satisfying!

Our lovely and extremely patient head housekeeper Anette taught me many useful skills from how to get a glass and chrome bathroom polished to perfection and how to arrange a cutlery draw with military precision.

As I became familiar with the apartments I gradually became involved in the office and one day turned to two days and before long I was working full time.

As soon as I joined the office I realised how important our guests were and learnt from Kelly and the team that actually they weren’t perceived as customers they were our friends and family. Interaction with the guests became my favourite part of the job and I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many friendly and varied characters over the years.

With so many familiar faces returning year after year I couldn’t help but feel the sense of inclusion and belonging amongst the guests and my colleagues. This also extended to the family who own the business – they felt like relatives - and relatives that listened as our opinions and ideas mattered to them and the team are still included in nearly all of the decision making within the company, which I think is one of the reasons this place is so unique.

When Kelly went off to have her first baby Katy joined the team and it quickly became apparent that she was a website guru! But she also had an acute eye for detail that I had never come across before and a passion for her work that was infectious.

Our latest addition to the team Conor has had the tough job of working with an all female team but I think he has coped exceedingly well and has brought an air of calm and composure to the office as well as teaching me many “techy tricks”!

I will be very sad to leave the many wonderful staff and visitors at Sail Lofts and it will certainly be an end of a fantastic chapter in my life but I am moving on with many more skills than I walked in with from how to re-pressurise a boiler (thank you Dave!) to how to logistically plan for 13 real Christmas Trees to go into every apartment, decorated & treats for Father Christmas included before 4pm. From the Sail Lofts Family I am moving onto work with my own family, enabling me to have the time to return to college to train to be a teaching assistant and then hopefully start work in a local school – watch this space!

I’m not going far so I’m sure I’ll be popping in from time to time and I will still be in the area so hopefully I’ll bump into you whilst you’re out and about and I might even see you in the surf!

I feel it’s a very fortunate time for my departure as we have an exceptional team working in the office and behind the scenes who ensure everything runs smoothly and Kelly (having had baby number two) is also returning to the Sail Lofts Family.

Now all that is left to say is a HUGE thank you to Sail Lofts for everything and I wish the team and company ongoing success and happiness.

Lots of Love

Abi x