St Michael’s Mount

Conor Fletcher

Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your stay while at the Sail Lofts luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives or are simply looking for something to do in Cornwall, there are so many attractions across the county that are well worth a visit. The Sail Lofts central location in St Ives means you have a hub with access to so much that the South West has to offer, from one of the many beaches that glisten in the summer sun to the magnificent gardens that adorn Cornwall you will always have something to do and explore whilst you are here.

What may be considered the jewel of Cornwall's crown is St Michael’s Mount, a fortification set a top an island in the middle of the bay. Surrounded by the beaches at Marazion the castle can be reached by following the causeway, which at low tide stretches it’s way toward the coastline. At high tide a ferry operates, transporting visitors to and from the island. It's a wonderful journey by either method, the walk takes you across the cobblestones that become enveloped by the tide, hidden in plain sight. When the water just settles above the stonework it glistens as the sunlight falls upon the waters face.

When you arrive at the mount there is a lot to explore, if you’re interested in historical sites the castle has a rich history which spans the ages; speculated to be the source of Cornish tin for the Ancient Greeks, the mount went through many phases of Cornwall’s history, from a chapel overlooking the area, to a wartime fortress evidenced by the many pillboxes that are scattered across the face of the mount, you take a walk through the Castle and better understand it's history first hand.

If the historicity of the location isn't for you there are still things on offer. With a few cafés on the island for bite to eat you will always have a place to sit down and have a break after visiting the garden trail, which mazes its way across the far end of the island and is scattered across the cliff facing areas and amongst the serenity, the garden gives you an incredible view of the expansive ocean breaking on the shoreline. If you happen to bring your dog to the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives you will be happy to know that the island itself is dog friendly as they are welcome on the island and on the boats travelling to and from St Michael’s Mount as long as they are kept safely on a lead.

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So if you’re looking for a fun day out this half-term why not take a look at one of the most picturesque landmarks Cornwall has to offer. The Mount is only a short drive from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives (and maybe a boat trip too!). However if you’re not in St Ives this week why not take a look and see when you can be? Take a look online or give the office a call on 01736 799175 to find out when you can next be in St Ives.