Eating out in St Ives – The Mex

Conor Fletcher

The selection of cuisine in St Ives, while offering lots of variety, always points back to one thing – seafood. If however you aren’t to be satisfied by the sea’s bounty or it just isn’t to your taste then St Ives still has a lot to offer you. Here at the Sail Lofts luxury self catering apartments in St Ives we look to highlight some of the places in St Ives we feel are a must visit for anyone staying with us.

The Mex

The Mex is without question a restaurant that lives up to its name, Mexican cuisine is known not only for the wild bursts of heat and flavour but the culture surrounding it, bright colourful extravagance coupled with large gatherings of friends and family and The Mex certainly embraces this and reflects it with it’s wonderfully decorated interiors which pop with bright reds, yellows and warm oranges, creating an incredible venue to eat, all this and I haven’t even got on to the food.

With a wide selection of starters to get your taste buds tingling and plates to share across the table there will be something for everyone. Whether they’re a seasoned spice specialist or prefer cool and calm cooking The Mex’s menu accommodates and includes everyone regardless of preference. If you need something take the edge off after an influx of chilli (or maybe even double up on the intensity) The Mex has a selection of Jarritos, a Mexican soda, for the non-alcoholic drinkers and an all-encompassing variety of tequilas to satisfy; sweet, spicy or smooth, so whatever your style you’re sure to be catered for.

With all restaurant overviews however the main thing that is need-to-know is what the main courses are like. Quite simply, they’re incredible. If you think of Mexican dining you think salsa, nachos, burritos, quesadillas and fajitas. I could go on but it wouldn’t give justice to the selection of dishes The Mex offers, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten free the dishes can be altered and modified to placate the requirements of your palate. If dishes such as the ‘nachos supremo’s chilli’ or the ‘Yucatan burrito’ aren’t enough for you a selection of sides are at hand to spice up your evening, from sliced jalapeños to focaccia flatbread with salsa and cheese or dipping sauces such as sweet pepper jam, The Mex has that added extra to make your meal your way.

If for whatever reason you still have room for more The Mex has a selection of desserts to conclude the evening, from churros sundaes to banana chimichangas or even a sweet key lime pie there is something to satisfy your every want after a wonderful meal in St Ives. If your taste buds crave more but don’t think you can tackle a larger dessert why not try some avocado ice cream, free from almost everything but still delivering in fantastic flavour all the same.

The Mex resides in the heart of St Ives’ town, the restaurant is only a few minutes away from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments, so if you’re looking for a bit of spice this summer why not pay the place a visit? If for whatever reason you’re missing out on St Ives this summer there’s still a chance to come down, with fantastic weather and must visit restaurants throughout the town why not see if you can book a stay with us? To find out more take a look online or get in touch on 01736 799175.