St Ives Literature Festival

Conor Fletcher

The St Ives Literature Festival is already well underway; novelists, musicians, poets and performers have all converged on St Ives for the eight-day event. It has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice to the novel or a professor of prose there is definitely something taking place this week to satiate a connoisseur of the creative arts. The Festival takes place all over St Ives, and with almost every event being staged a few moments from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments there is no reason to not pop out and take a look.

Events taking place.

Like I said, there really is something for everyone, if you prefer more authentic look at Cornish life through the arts why not try ‘Towl Ros (Cast Net)’, a look at St Ives’ fishing heritage through word and sound, featuring local Cornish musicians Tir ha Tavas. It is a great opportunity to enrich anyone’s knowledge of Cornwall and Cornish life, from those embedded in the county.

What I find most interesting however is the wide variety of talks taking place, not simply dedicated to Cornwall the festival has a wide variety of talks taking place - it might not be a discussion about a topic you’re particularly familiar with, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. The most fascinating aspect of going to see someone speak about a novel, or topic is the passion that they inject into their discussion. Whether it be an impressionable overview of the voices of the First World War, the influence of Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Poets or even something more modern such as the performances by MCMC Spoken a look at the way poetry plays a role in our lives today through hip hop there will almost certainly be an opportunity to explore something new.

The Literature Festival runs up until the 20th so there is no better time to take a look around St Ives and see what’s taking place so as not to miss this wonderful event. Performances and all of the events taking place can be found online along with admission fees so why not take a look and see the creative side of St Ives.

Even if you've missed the chance to visit St Ives for the Literature Festival this year, the event runs annually so even if you're missed the opportunity this time around there is still a chance to plan a visit to St Ives for next year, the Sail Lofts luxury apartments are situated in the midst of all that is on offer so if you're looking for a luxury break in St Ives where you can enjoy all that the town has to offer why not get in touch with the team on 01736 799175 or take a look online to see what's available.