A Dog Friendly Season in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

The best time to visit St Ives with a dog

Summer has now started to pass us by. Already it seems as though autumn is beginning to set in; the temperature has dropped a few degrees and the wind has gotten slightly more brisk, but St Ives as you know it is still as perfect as ever. As we step further in to the latter half of the year St Ives and Cornwall as a whole welcomes back dogs to the beaches, streets and anywhere else you can think of from the coastal paths to the causeways there has never been a better time to come and stay in luxury dog friendly accommodation in St Ives.

Cornwall has a lot to offer those looking to bring their pets to this end of the country. Imagine St Ives as your hub within Cornwall, whether you want to travel down across the Tin Coast or to the north where the coast is dotted with coves and inlets for you to explore. At the Sail Lofts you have the reassurance that your retreat in St Ives comes with the peace of mind you have somewhere to park when you venture further afield, whether you journey to the other coast or take a quick trip to a town nearby. This means that if you're feeling brave you can go out and explore the lesser known parts of Cornwall, so why not visit somewhere like the Chysauster Ancient Village near Newmill and step through one of the most well-preserved Iron Age settlements in Britain, keep the dog on a lead and venture across some of the oldest landmarks in Cornwall.

But what's the one thing that truly springs to mind when you think of Cornwall? Aside from baked pastry goods the next thing that might pop to mind is beaches. Cornwall has a wealth of them and they're all perfectly unique in their own way, from golden sands to pebble beaches whichever coastline you and your pet prefer you are truly inundated with choice throughout the expanse of Cornwall all you need to do is head out in the relative direction of the coast and you will be sure to find plenty of beaches across Cornwall to see.

If of course you would rather spend your time a bit closer to your luxury apartment in St Ives then finding dog friendly things-to-do comes with relative ease, once the dog ban ends at the end of September you have a plethora of choice as the Sail Lofts are surrounded by beaches as far as the eye can see. Porthmeor Beach has long stretches of sand for you to venture across in chase of your four-legged friends and is just a stone's throw from the Sail Lofts. If you're feeling like a run isn't really for you then playing catch on Porthgwidden is no doubt an option, a smaller beach but nonetheless, it has the sheltered space for you to keep an eye on things whilst getting the most of an afternoon out.

Book luxury dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall today

So if you're looking for a dog friendly stay in St Ives then what are you waiting for? Autumn is creeping ever closer so booking a stay at the Sail Lofts luxury dog friendly accommodation in St Ives means you can get that much deserved break and come to a quieter part of the world once the summer season has passed us by. Take a look online at our dog friendly accommodation or give the office a call on 01736 799175 and find out how soon you can get the most out of a luxury dog friendly stay in St Ives...