A Family Holiday to Remember

Conor Fletcher

May Half Term...

May Half Term combines the best of the summer with the wonders of springtime in St Ives and is without question one of the most sought after weeks on the St Ives calendar. Once the Easter break has past us by but you're still yearning for a break on the Cornish coast then there's not a better time of the year. The beaches are blanketed in the best of early summer sun at this point which means you can enjoy the best of Cornwall throughout this family holiday. Here's a look at what's to look forward to and how you can best enjoy your May Half Term this year. Haven't booked your place? Take a look at our availability and find out how you can indulge in a luxury break on the Cornish coast.

Surfing is one of St Ives' greatest pastimes. Hours can be spent on Porthmeor beach coasting the waves or floundering in the surf as it breaks on the shoreline, however you end up there's no reason to not enjoy yourself with the family as the St Ives Surf School are at hand to help guide you hone your skill on the sea. If surfing isn't quite for you then why not take advantage of a simpler pastime? The Sail Lofts on site wet room has a selection of traditional hand-made wooden bellyboards for those who seek to enjoy themselves on the beach with little to no talent required. Bellyboarding is the perfect way to start your enjoyment on the seas and is simple for all the family to take part.

If you're here and are able to enjoy St Ives then why not take advantage of breakfast in bed for all the family? Order freshly baked products from local bakery Baker Tom and have them delivered straight to your door allowing you to enjoy a family breakfast to start your day. St Ives has a wealth of food and drink to take advantage of and pair with Baker Tom's wonderful selection of breakfast bites so why not indulge and enjoy while you're in St Ives?

There are so many ways to make your May Half Term in St Ives special, so whether you're with friends or family or are simply looking to escape to St Ives for the week then why not take a look at our last minute reduced availability for May Half Term?