Autumn Days out in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

As summer fades into its final weeks and the crisp autumnal air descends upon the town there’s never a better time to discover the wondrous Cornish coastline and discover the hidden gems that are dotted around it. Staying at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives you’re only a moment away from some of the most inspirational sights across Cornwall starting with the expansive beach at Porthmeor.

The best thing about autumn is how there’s so much more to enjoy around Cornwall, the seasonal dog ban is lifted at the start of October and the beaches open up for fun-filled exploration along the coastline. Whichever direction you depart in from our luxury apartments in St Ives you are bound for an adventure.


Famed for its winding pathway along the South West Coastal Path the journey from St Ives to Zennor is by no means an easy trip, but all the while the sights and sounds along the route make up for any difficulty as the journey one of the most popular days out throughout the autumnal months.

The six-mile walk is one of the most rewarding trips you can experience from St Ives, the coastline rises and falls as you work toward the quaint village of Zennor where you can sit back and relax in the warmth of the Tinner’s Arms before setting yourself up for the way back. Of course if you’re not feeling up to the task then a regular bus runs through the town and back to St Ives allowing you to take your time.

Carbis Bay

It’s without question an easier journey than the one to Zennor but at the same time the casual walk to Carbis Bay is perfect route to enjoy a leisurely afternoon looking out toward the St Ives Bay. The journey across to Carbis Bay takes you across Porthminster Beach and allows you to look back on the town.

The journey is never too much trouble for all ages, it's also perfect if you want to detour to the water's edge along the way. Once you’re back on track and end up in Carbis Bay you can always take advantage of the train-line back to St Ives to conclude your day.

Knill’s Monument

The journey to this Grade II Listed structure gives you a fantastic view of St Ives Bay. To get there head toward Steeple Woods at the top of St Ives where you can make your way toward the 50 foot tall granite obelisk.

The trip to Knill’s Monument keeps you local but takes you through of some of Cornwall’s wonderful environments. The 40-acre expansive woodland is perfect for a family friendly day out without going too far from your luxury apartment in St Ives.