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Before the schools break up and the summer season takes full swing, the warmer months of May and June are waiting, not only that they are the perfect times to retreat to St Ives and experience the town at it’s most desirable, the streets bustle with life in the warmth of these middling months leaving your escape to St Ives the best time to enjoy long relaxing evenings on the harbour front or in the comfort of your luxury apartment in St Ives.
The hustle and bustle of summer is yet to take effect, but the streets feel alive with an excitement that never ceases to fill you with the same feelings of a summertime break. Both May and June essentially offer a different summer experience to the busier months, the days stretch out and the evenings carry on for those extra few hours. There’s always that extra bit of time for you to take in the breath-taking views of the Cornish coast, either from the comfort of your luxury apartment in St Ives or out across the coastline, from the beaches mere moments away to high headlands waiting to be explored. But this time of year is different, almost the perfect in-between bridging the spring to the summer, warm weather and the opportunity to enjoy the hallmarks of summer while avoiding the crowds.
One of the best ways to experience St Ives is to delve into the town itself, small and intricate causeways wind and twist though the streets, indulge yourself in the town’s specialised boutique Cornish shops throughout the historic cobblestoned pathways. Taste the flavours of Cornish cuisine or find the mementos that will forever remind you of what makes your luxury stay in St Ives so special.
The South West Coast Path is another thoroughly enjoyable aspect of St Ives, either north or south the journey takes you through the sights and sounds of the Cornish coastline, if you’re looking for an experience different to the streets of St Ives then why not venture across the miles of footways that steer you toward the unseen aspects of your Cornwall experience. If of course days spent walking are not your style then why not take the car? The Cornish roads maze their ways around the county and it’s one of the best ways to take in some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes.
The team at the Sail Lofts are here to help you throughout your stay, from the moment you decide to stay to the day you depart. There are so many facets of Cornwall that go unseen or unnoticed, make this your opportunity to discover by finding out from them. There are places to see that you may have never heard about or hadn’t thought of which are right outside waiting for you to explore and that is where the team are here to help advise you of everything that’s on offer, from relaxing journeys across the coastline which allow you to take in some of Cornwall’s most special sights to hidden restaurants in the heart of the town well worth a visit.
With reserved parking throughout your stay with us the opportunity to discover some of Cornwall’s unique locations is as simple as stepping out and exploring. St Ives is situated in the perfect location that allows you to head south down and across the famed Tin Coast toward Land’s End or northerly toward the surfing paradise at Newquay or even traverse the wonderful streets of Truro and explore its central cathedral. Being able to explore Cornwall in this way with the reassurance that you have you parking space waiting for you when you return to your luxury apartment in St Ives gives you the added peace of mind that you can step out and enjoy yourself without the worry of parking once you return.
Of course, what is a visit to St Ives without exploring the rich and storied artistic history of the town? The Sail Lofts luxury apartments are situated perfectly in amongst so many of the town’s artists studios as the buildings themselves once had the same purpose. Journey by foot and uncover the most wonderful pieces in the open studios that encompass the town or take a portion of your day and explore the newly renovated Tate, St Ives and discover the history behind the town’s relationship with the arts. In amongst the centre of the town, a short walk from our luxury self catering apartments is the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Gardens and the nearby Leach Pottery meaning that if you have a passion for the arts then there is no better place to be in Cornwall.
With so much to do in and around the town a visit to St Ives is perfect for a family getaway before the bustle of summer. Family getaways to St Ives are great to enjoy the town’s wonderful opportunities from developing your amateur chocolatiers at Coco Kitchen to crafting the perfect sandcastle on Porthgwidden, whatever your preference the town has something for you.
While the schools may not have broken up for the summer period, St Ives is the perfect destination to get a pre-summer break. The warm weather of May and June create the perfect atmosphere for a St Ives luxury getaway, warm days relaxing on Porthmeor before heading back to your luxury apartment in the heart of the town allows for a refreshing break before the hustle and bustle of the St Ives summer holidays.
Porthminster Beach, Credit: Matthew Jessop and Visit Cornwall

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