Another Hurling of the Silver Ball

Charlotte Ballam

Back in February we were both intrigued and a little perplexed when a gigantic silver ball rolled across Porthmeor Beach. Having become rather fond of it, we're happy to hear that it'll be out and about once more as it makes its way through St Ives on Saturday 22nd June. The ball will be taking a route chosen for its significance to the town and community.

Allard van Hoorn and The Silver Ball...

Allard van Hoorn is a Dutch artist who creates both musical scores and performances for public spaces. His silver ball is inspired by St Ives' annual Feast Day tradition whereby a (much smaller) silver ball is launched and chased by the waiting crowd. The aim of the game is to apprehend the ball and return it to the Guildhall at midday in exchange for a silver coin. The original silver ball, albeit rich in history is a far cry from the 2-metre high, fantastically foiled ball of van Hoorn's imagination brought to life.

A Celebration of St Ives

Along with his reinvented Silver Ball, van Hoorn teamed up with the residents of St Ives to form 'a unique procession that celebrates the communities of St Ives and their relationship to the town they call home'. Residents have also been involved in determining the path the Silver Ball will take and where it'll stop off as it makes its way from the Community Orchard to its ultimate destination - Tate St Ives, just a few minutes away from your luxury cottage.

Saturday 22nd June - Itinerary

•13.00 - Gather in the Recreation Ground, the hurling will begin in the Community Orchard before journeying across the skate park, the ball will make its way down to a field in the park for a couple of games before crossing the road and making its way down Penbeagle Crescent at around 13.25.

•13.45 - The ball will arrive at Ayr Field led by Cornish Guise Dancers complete with a band. There will be more games before the ball goes onto Alexandra Road at 14.05.

•14.15 - The ball will journey across St Ives harbour accompanied by members of the community 'who have a special connection to the sea and gives a secret nod to the Parish Church, where the town's Feast Day hurling ritual begins each year'. The ball will then move along Fish Street towards Porthmeor at around 14.30

•15.00 (approximately) - The ball will reach its journey's end at the Tate.  The ball will take its place in the Loggia with a sound performance comprised of recordings taken during the procession.

Film and photography from the event, along with sound snippets from '063 Urban Songline' will be on display at the Tate until 1st September 2019. Don't forget, if you're staying in one of our luxury cottages in St Ives, you're entitled to complimentary admission to the Tate and Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden with our corporate membership.

'These performances are a way of connecting to places by listening to them as well as research into how we use and experience the public domain and to what degree we can claim ownership over it, discussing notions of inclusion, becoming and belonging.'

Allard van Hoorn

There & back...

From the Tate, you're no more than a couple of minutes away from the Sail Lofts luxury cottages. Walking up to the Recreation Ground is perfectly plausible however do take into account that the 3o minute walk will be uphill. If the walk isn't for you there are plenty of buses from Royal Square, or a taxi would get you there in about 10 minutes.