You are not a guinea pig and this is not a test

Katy Peck

Holidays and time spent away from work are for creating precious memories, we are told this, we accept and understand the far reaching consequences of a ruined holiday, whether it is due to accommodation not living up to expectation, the weather playing a key part in your enjoyment and it not delivering or even a random act of bad luck like getting a tooth ache on arrival…

How do we safeguard against the unknown, what should we be looking for in our destination of choice? Lets start with the basics.


Luxury accommodation in St Ives

Sadly and unfortunately, not all accommodation in St Ives is created equal. From cleaning standards, to fixtures and fitting to whether the accommodation comes with car parking. So do your research. The questions you should be asking are: How does the accommodation in St Ives rank on TripAdvisor? What do guests list? Do they mention cleanliness, ease of booking, comfort, décor? Why be the guinea pig when there is TripAdvisor, a beacon of light when cutting through and avoiding any holiday dramas.

Here at Sail Lofts we have had another year of impeccable reviews on TripAdvisor, for which we are extremely grateful, and would say part of our success is listening to our guests. We care about what guests think and feel about our five star luxury apartments, and continually look to improve upon our returning guests expectations.


“Can't think of enough superlatives to describe the Sail Lofts. I don't actually want too many people to know about this, so read on if you can keep a secret. This place is simply amazing, relaxing and truly wonderful. The pictures don't do it enough justice. The accommodation is really superb, with spacious rooms and the most comfortable beds and pillows we've ever slept in. Spotlessly clean and so welcoming with the amazing welcome hampers for both us and our dog! We stayed in Harbour and it exceeded all of our expectations. Ideally located in St Ives to wander around all it has to offer and even though we went out of season everywhere was still open and serving fine food. We had no reason to use the concierge service, but I'm already planning my fish & meat orders for our return trip. Sail Lofts rang to check all was ok and that we had received our directions for our journey down and asked if we had any requests prior to our stay, we asked for decaf coffee for the Nespresso machine and were provided with a fine selection on arrival. Nothing is too much for them. So Shush now and remember not to tell everyone about this amazing accommodation, after all we don't want everyone to know do we...”

Sun, sea, showers and blistering winds

Ok, granted there is little we can do about the weather. I’ve said it. We can’t. It is just impossible. You’ve arrived with your children, ready for a beach holiday, and all you can see on the horizon is a big grey cloud of despair coming to claim your holiday. Wait! Do not despair. With the Sail Lofts luxury apartments being so close to the beach and sea, don your wetsuit, enjoy the waves, so what it’s raining? You’re going to get wet anyway! But here comes the best bit, cross the road, ten paces from the beach and you are home again, you are toasting yourself, wrapped in luxury linens, and ready to get out and enjoy the rest of St Ives, where there is something to entertain the whole family.


A hand to hold

Ok, random acts of horrible happen. The car tyre has a nail in it, your tooth has suddenly decided to ache, or your solicitor finally has the paperwork ready and needs you to sign it today, returned and sealed by 2pm or the world is going to stop. You’re away from home, have no idea where the nearest garage is, which dentist in the local area is going to be able to take on an emergency dental repair, and your printer is somewhere 360 miles away in the South East of England, what are you to do?

Well, that’s where our in-house concierge service steps in. Let our local knowledge take away your stresses and inconvenient mishaps, so they do not shape and form what is supposed to be a magnificent holiday in St Ives, stay at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments, where minor inconveniences are taken care of by the Sail Lofts team, including aiding you in printing off last minute paperwork and helping you in exchanging documents and getting the sale of your house back on track (You would be amazed at how many guests we have helped with this).

Booking luxury accommodation in Cornwall

Being away on holiday, doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. We are here to help with every aspect of your stay, so we can ensure that your precious time away is perfect every time. Meaning you can feel less like a guinea pig, and more like the cat that got the cream…

Call our team at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives on 01736 799175 and let us plan your next five-star escape.