Why Cornwall, why St Ives?

Conor Fletcher

You may be sitting there, reading this blog post wondering, musing or even contemplating 'Why Cornwall?'. It's a simple question which in turn will garner a simple answer - why not Cornwall. Cornwall is, it it's purest essence another world. I don't mean this in a literal sense but play along for a moment and compare Cornwall with the rest of England - it simply doesn't quite fit. Celtic origins, mysticism and fantasy aside Cornwall has something about it that differentiates itself from the rest of the country (for better or worse). You can be travelling through the county by foot, passing by the ancient stone structures with their archaic origins and find that there's a slight disconnect with modernity. Sometimes you won't find that you have any phone signal, you will look out across the vast open countryside and see nothing but the lush, dense, flourishing countryside -  no contact with the outside world whatsoever completely and infinitely free.

Of course I'm not telling you this to detract you from Cornwall, believe me when I say - maybe make that pursuade - you that this is in fact one of the best things about Cornwall.

You're separated from the rest of the world, distanced from the toil of modern life, leaving you able to step out and enjoy yourself with that thin veil of the Tamar to tear you away from the stresses of work, and anything else that would be there to detract you from enjoying the most out of your luxury self catering holiday in St Ives. With the Sail Lofts you have the best of both worlds; by all accounts Cornwall, and most certainly St Ives, is made up of smaller cottages that filter their way from the harbour front to the edges of Porthmeor, they are without question allied to a particular taste but by staying in one of our twelve luxury apartments in St Ives you will have the best of both.

Let's get back to what makes Cornwall so unique, so special. At the moment, summer is in full swing - it's a different entity to what it's like in the off season, which has the freedom, space and room to breathe, making it perfect for you, your family or even some friends to get the most out of there stay with us at the Sail Lofts. Each member of the team has a different area of expertise, meaning we're ready and able to help you explore a new side of Cornwall, whether it's exploring the history of the county - both modern and old, exploring hidden locales far and wide or traversing the coast, cutting through inlets and coves branching your way across the wonders of the South West.

It's really up to you, but with the reassurance that all of us here at the Sail Lofts are there to help take either your short break or week long stay in Cornwall and make it something that extra bit more memorable. Let's further narrow things down a bit, why St Ives?

Okay so I won't answer this with hyperbole and unelaborative rhetoric. St Ives is quite possibly one of Cornwall's most desirable hubs (again, no hyperbole). Near the end of the Northern coastline you have this quaint little town; it has a bay, boutique shops, a harbour front and some of the most picturesque sands the shores of England has ever seen. The Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives are mere moments away from all of this. Inundated with restaurants to satiate any person from fresh seafood cuisine to South American spice you can spend days on end sampling new flavours and visiting new venues.

St Ives really has it all, and if you're staying with us at the Sail Lofts we look at how you can have it all and then a little bit more, we're always looking for ways to add little luxury additions to your holiday, from our on-site concierge service, there to ensure you've got that person in the know to help you out or by delivering you those added little extras, maybe even something from the Sail Lofts Wine Cellar, we always have something there to ensure you make the most out of your luxury St Ives self catering holiday.

Whether you're staying with us and need some ideas on what to do whilst staying in one of our luxury apartments in Cornwall in the heart of St Ives or want to book, why not give us a call on 01736 799175 or take a look online at our properties and find out when you can next be here.