Vegan-friendly places to eat

Hélène Chaussavoine

When it comes to find a lovely cafe or a restaurant offering quality food, Cornwall is definitely a hot spot. It can be tricky sometimes to find somewhere that will meet all your dietary requirements so to avoid having to look online and to have more time to enjoy your holiday, we listed a few vegan places in and around St Ives.


Blas Burgerworks

Located on the way to the train station, past the Lifeguards, Blas has a small sitting area but plenty of options on the menu with burgers can be taken away. All burgers can either be made with beef, chicken or bean so no one misses out on the delicious flavours of vegetables and sauces that accompany the patty. If you are looking for a new burger experience, we would definitely recommend Blas.

Scoff Troff Cafe 

Before starting your day at the beach or in the middle of the day for a lunch break, Scoff Troff is conveniently located just at the end of Fore Street, only a few steps up from the harbour. This dog-friendly cafe has a few vegan option offering breakfast all day, flavoured lunch and is also open on certain evenings.

The Hub

Known by most people, The Hub is set on the harbour with the most spectacular views. With plenty of seating area inside and a few tables outside, The Hub is definitely on the list of  places to eat during your holiday in St Ives. Vegans will have numerous choice of burgers to satisfy their taste buds and the skin-on fries are also definitely worth the look. If you are feeling cheery, the cocktails might of interest to you.

vegan friendly restaurant- FURTHER AFIELD -

The Bean Inn - Carbis Bay

This lovely restaurant is set in a house and eating there brings you a lovely feeling of eating in the comfort of your own home. The menu is purely vegetarian and offers a few vegan options as well. We advise you to book early as the tables go quick but if you do miss out on the eating in option, you are able to have everything on the menu as a takeaway.

Sloth and Sparrow - Falmouth

If you are venturing out and visiting Falmouth, we would highly recommend popping into this fantastic restaurant offering a full vegan menu. From hot dogs to burgers, Sloth and Sparrow is locally renowned to offer homemade high quality food that will make you discover new flavours.

The Honey Pot - Penzance

If you are heading towards Penzance and visiting this beautiful part of Cornwall, Penzance has a few places to eat that are worth visiting and The Honey Pot is definitely one of them. This lovely cafe located on a quieter street aside from the bustle of town, offers vegan options for breakfast, brunch and cakes and will make the perfect lunch spot in the middle of your sightseeing day.

Cornwall makes one the best destination for your holiday if you are on the lookout for homemade and high quality food. It might all be about seafood in Cornwall but there are plenty to enjoy if you are on a vegan diet and you will certainly not miss out on the tasty food available. If you are thinking about discovering new places and dishes, makes sure to check our availability for the remainder of the year and book your Cornish getaway now.