The St Ives Town Trail

Conor Fletcher

From a relaxing stroll around the harbour front to mazing your way throughout the town's cobbled streets there's no better way to take in St Ives for the first time than by navigating your way through the St Ives town trail from your luxury apartment in St Ives. The wonders of the town trail owe themselves to years-upon-years of heritage and it's all waiting to be taken in throughout your luxury St Ives holiday.

Starting out at the entrance of the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives you simply follow Porthmeor Road down to the nearby Slipway of Porthmeor Beach, here you can take the steps toward the Island and the route weaves its way around the small chapel of St Nicholas. As you round the far edge of the Island you get a fantastic look at St Ives Bay and Porthgwidden Beach directly in front of you. Once you've worked your way around the Island you can continue your tour of St Ives by passing Porthgwidden Beach and following the path toward nearby Bamaluz, just beforehand you can stop in the St Ives Museum and view a collection exhibiting St Ives' past.

Once you've spent a bit of time discovering St Ives of the past you can make your way to the far end of St Ives' harbour almost directly in front of you is Smeaton's Pier, built by John Smeaton between 1767 and 1770, the pier allows for excellent views back upon St Ives across the harbour, perfect for a photo on your luxury St Ives holiday. Once you're on the harbour you can work your way though the town's restaurants and pick out where to visit next.

Once you've discovered the harbour then you're faced with a few options, continue on past the Lifeboat house and work your way across the Warren which leads to Porthminster Beach or take a turn and make your way back towards the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives and work your way across Fore Street.

Fore Street is the main street of St Ives where you can find a vast and exciting array of shops, delicatessens and Cornish cafés to be enjoyed. Tucked away off from Fore Street is the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Gardens - a haven in the midst of the bustling town. Once you've taken in the gardens and are ready to continue your tour of the town why not make your way to the Guildhall, simply follow Back Street and make your way toward Tregenna Place before taking the left just past the Library on to Street-An-Pol. At the Guildhall you can enjoy the vast array of markets that take place throughout the week.

Heading back toward Fore Street you can make your way though the town's main thoroughfare, here you can stop by places like the Allotment Deli, Cheese on Coast or St Ives Bakery to enjoy some of the finest local produce the town has to offer. Towards the end of Fore Street you can make your way along The Digey where you can find the appropriately named Digey Foodroom, a café and luxury food store - the perfect place for an afternoon coffee and cake.

Once you've had your fill at the Digey you can weave your way through the back streets of St Ives to conclude your days trip around town back at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives.

There are so many ways to discover what makes St Ives so unique and whether you're visiting for the first time or would consider yourself as-good-as local there is always something out there to enjoy. If you haven't yet got your next St Ives adventure planned then why not take a look at our availability and find out when you can get started.