The Food and Drink of St Ives

Conor Fletcher

When visiting St Ives, one of the main attractions is the cuisine on offer. From the local cafés and bars offering a sample of Cornish produce to the restaurants where you can sit back and relax while on holiday in your luxury apartment in St Ives. With so much to choose from it's often hard to decide where to go and what to try, throughout the town the selection on offer varies from specialised seafood cuisine to fine dining or even enjoying one of the many restaurant and bar's that the town has within it.

Whatever you're looking for throughout the Easter break, St Ives and the surrounding areas have all you need to enjoy the cultural cuisine of this part of the Cornwall's coastline. Whether you're out exploring the town or traversing across the countryside there are venues to explore and food to taste.

Trevaskis Farm

Located just outside Connor Downs, Trevaskis Farm serve meals throughout the day displaying a variety of Cornish produce from local providers you can choose from a Trevaskis salad with a Cornish cheese selection, or something more hearty like a Trevaskis Farm roast with locally reared meats and a selection of vegetables. Outside of the restaurant you have the Trevaskis Market, suitably named as a Farmer's Market and offering a plethora of produce from around the county.

Cornish Deli

Located within the town the Cornish Deli is the perfect place to stop by for brunch lunch or dinner. Offering choices for all dietary needs the Cornish Deli is without question one of the stand out places to visit while staying with us in our luxury apartments in St Ives. It's only a short walk through the town and is perfect to stop by and indulge in Cornish cuisine.

Porthmeor Beach Café

As the sun begins to bring the brighter and warmer days in St Ives there really is no better place to enjoy your afternoons than sitting on the edges of Porthmeor Beach in the comfort of Porthmeor Beach Café's beachside booths. Offering a selection of menu items including Cornish produce the Porthmeor Beach Café is the perfect place to enjoy the warm Easter afternoon.

While staying with us in St Ives there are so many places to enjoy and these are only a selection of the places on offer throughout the town and the surrounding area. When staying with us in our luxury apartments in St Ives there's always the opportuity to explore and discover what makes the town so special. If you're not staying with us then why not take a look at our availability and find out when you can next be here.