St Ives September Festival

Conor Fletcher

St Ives has a lot on offer throughout the summer but the one event people mark on their calendars well in advance is the St Ives September Festival. The festival is a fortnight long event of music and arts that takes place all across the town attracting people from all over to come to St Ives and enjoy the most of what St Ives' creative side can offer. With free exhibitions and open studios throughout the town there is little to leave you wanting more from the town, watch artists work and explore exhibitions that might otherwise get missed as you take in as much as possible over the fourteen day period. Here's just a selection of what's on offer throughout the two-week event.

Land, Sea and Sky - Salthouse Gallery - Norway Square

An exhibition encompassing all of Cornwall in a variety of styles and forms, this exhibit features works from four members of the same family. It's just a few moments from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives so you won't even have to travel too far to see all of what's on offer between the 17th and 22nd of September.

Porthmeor Beach - Pit Firing Ceramics

If you're on the beach all day and don't really feel like leaving that's no problem at all and the St Ives September Festival will come to you. On Thursday the 14th you will get to witness 'Pit Firing Ceramics on the Beach' where artists Mary Kaun English and Martyn Perryman take you through the step by step process of this unique craft. Want to see the end result? Pop back the day after to see the artists uncover the sands and dig up the pit to see what has been made.

Music throughout the week

From weekend to weekend musical events will be taking place throughout the town, from the jazz club to the headlining act Toploader at the Guildhall there is so much taking place for you to discover. Saturday the 9th starts off with the John McCusker Band with special guest Heidi Talbot at the Guildhall, tickets for the start of the festival cost £20.00 and can be booked online at the St Ives September Festival website.

A Century of St Ives Photographers

If you happen to take an interest in St Ives' history then a visit to Porthmeor Studios is well worth a visit, on Friday the 22nd of September the story of St Ives will be told through photographer's encapsulations of the town. From the 1870's onward this historical archive of the town is certainly worth taking a look at if you want to see the evolution of St Ives through the ages.

Whether you're already here or looking to spend the next few weeks in St Ives to get the most out of the September Festival then take a look online and find out when you can next be in St Ives by taking a look online at availability in the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives and start September in the best way.