St Ives | a Survival Guide

Katy Peck

We all know that self-catering family holidays in St Ives and trips away from home can be stressful. What with trying to remember all that you will need for your time away, working out what the weather might be like and then regardless packing for all seasons just in case the British weather does not live up to expectation. So here at the Sail Lofts we thought it best to combine our years of experience in making your self-catering St Ives holiday the one to remember for all the right reasons…

  1. Travel

DO NOT RELY ON SATNAV. St Ives turns out to be one of the least SatNav friendly locations on the planet, likened to tributaries of the Amazon River with numerous dead ends and one-way systems along with amused locals guffawing at your best attempts. Read your Welcome Pack, we cannot stress this enough. Your easiest route into St Ives whether by plane, train or automobile is by reading the carefully honed travel directions that you will find in your welcome pack, detailing down to the arrival at the very door of your self-catering accommodation.

  1. Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen, this is in no reference to the 1999 Baz Luhrmann song, however all his reasons are also valid, but we recommend sunscreen for making sure no peeling noses or sore shoulders occur during your visit to St Ives, even on the most overcast of days it is still possible to catch the sun, especially whilst you are out enjoying St Ives' numerous coastal walks, beaches and streets.

  1. Food

Get it delivered, being in one of Cornwall’s most westerly towns food shopping can be tricky, especially if you are used to a certain type of pate or gluten free bread. In St Ives there are the smaller generic and well know convenience shops however, if there are products that you consider necessities make sure to make the most of the Sail Lofts concierge service and use your regular supermarket to deliver your food shopping prior to arrival with us. Should you wish to try something new we recommend the Cornish Food Market for anyone looking for sampling the local delicacies along with their standard weekly shop.

These are just our top 3 recommendations for having a hassle free self catering holiday in St Ives… however should you ever have any queries for further recommendations why not make use of our concierge services and give us a call on 01736 799175, or email