Spending January in St Ives

Peter Hutchinson

I have just spent the most wonderful New Year out of St Ives (we do get away every now and then) looking after a 4 year old and 1 year old while Mum and Dad headed abroad for a much needed five day break. Ok, fess up, I was actually kind of second in command to their aunt who not only got up at 6am with them everyday, but was also still going strong at bath time 13 hours later; and then would make the most amazing supper somehow prepared earlier in the day while she was making their lunch. Seriously rushed off our feet… hello.

So the return to St Ives has been kinder on the energy, but what to do at this time of year in a seaside town that many think has a ‘season’.

Well, lots really …

Tonight (Friday): I’m out at the new St Ives SurfHouse, up on the Island to hear Shanty Baba, St Ives resident storyteller with tales of doom and darkness. Shanty also runs the St Ives Lantern Ghost Storywalks, a Pirate Walk and a Comedy Walk (obviously) around town; regularly on and well attended. Look out for his posters with details and definitely go along if you’re staying at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives for a short break or holiday.

The SurfHouse is also well worth a visit; head up towards the Coastguard lookout on the Island (above the car park) and the SurfHouse is the building in front of it. It’s the inspiration of Tassy Swallow, local pro surfer, as a learning centre for local children to understand anything and everything to do with surfing, surf culture and science.

Saturday: breakfast at the Porthminster Kitchen our favourite (see previous blog) with Mark Noall, an award winning photographer … if you have a wedding planned, he is the only one. You’ll come away with remarkably natural photograph’s as he has a gift for ‘capturing moments’. After another very busy year (30 weddings last year I think?) he’s off to the far east to relax.

Sunday: lunch with Tree and Ally at the Halsetown Inn, recently taken over by Julia and her husband, and possibly the best Sunday lunch around?

Monday: well it’s got to be Liz Noall’s pub quiz at the Castle on Fore Street … quite serious though, but always a giggle when you’re so sure you’ve got all the answers right. Cash prizes too…

Tuesday: usually the St Ives Jazz Club at the Western Hotel, but they take a break in January before everything picks up again at the beginning of February. We have already written a blog about them, but just to reiterate, you will see the finest international musicians playing here. Whether you’re a jazz lover or not, I’d encourage you to go along for a wonderful night out when your staying at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments.

Wednesday: hey, it’s the Sail Lofts Christmas supper when the entire team get together after a busy Christmas and New Year to catch up and let our receding (me?) hair down. Kelly’s organised a quiz… hmm. Brilliant fun, and so good to be able to sit with everyone and relax.

Thursday: always the St Ives Farmers Market at the Guildhall for me. Opens at 9.30am until 2pm, with everything from fruit and veg to clothes and wonderful curries. Well worth a visit on the last day of your holiday at the Sail Lofts to take some wonderful Cornish organic things home with you.

Friday: well, obviously change over at the Sail Lofts, and wait until this time next week to see what’s on.