Sail Lofts Summer Priority Bookings

Abi Love

With St Ives being the hotly contested destination of choice for annual returning guests, Sail Lofts runs a priority booking scheme to ensure returning summer guests get first refusal on returning for the year ahead. So if you were wondering why you are unable to view availability for 2018, this will be the reason. General release of remaining availability will go live on September 13th at midday.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Priority Booking?

Our priority booking process allows guests to have the opportunity to re-book the same apartment and week the following year before anyone else.

Why we do it.

The school holidays are our busiest weeks here at Sail Lofts and are consequently in high demand. As a company we’re very lucky to have guests who like to book year after year which is why we started the Priority Booking process as guests expressed how important it was to them to be offered first refusal.

How it works for Sail Lofts guests:

Guests that have a booking with us during the Easter Holidays, May Half Term, Summer Holidays or October Half Term are automatically entitled to the same apartment and week for the following year. Guests are not obliged to re-book but we reserve the property until a specified date after which we release the availability to the general public.

How do I know which week I am entitled to?

On arriving in the apartment you will find a Priority Booking Form in the kitchen which will list your designated apartment and week for the following year. The only exception to this is the Easter Holidays due to the Easter weekend being different every year.

What if guests don't want the week or apartment allocated?

Guests thinking of having a change or due to other commitments need to consider different dates or an apartment then they will need to wait until our release date to get in touch. Returning Sail Lofts guests are given a two day window to exchange dates and apartments before the online release.

How it works for non Sail Lofts guests.

If you haven’t booked with us for this year’s holiday we will not be able to inform you of availability until the designated release date. Though if you contact us before this we can take your email address and contact you prior to the launch. Once you have booked your Sail Lofts Holiday you will then be entitled to the Priority Booking Process for the subsequent year. Should you wish to register your interest in being reminded of the 2018 release date pop us an email to, with your name and contact details.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

In general we ask for 50% of the balance to secure a booking with us. But if you’re booking a year in advance we are happy to offer a reduced deposit of £300. Though we still need to bring the deposit up to 50% at least 6 months before the booking date so we will contact you when this is due. We then expect you to pay the remaining 50% 8 weeks before the booking as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Summer 2018 release dates

We generally release school holiday availability onto the website 2 weeks after the last day of the specific holiday. For example the Summer Holidays finish at the end of August so we usually release remaining availability for the following Summer the second week of September.

Why can't you contact me when you know the availability?

In an ideal world we would call all interested parties on the day we release availability but as we have found there is such a high demand we are unable to fulfill this fairly which is why we ask you to contact us by phone or email on the day the availability is released.

If you're not with us this summer and want to get a head start on planning next year you can always get in contact with us and let us know that you're interested. Simply pop an email to and let us know when you're looking at and we'll place you on a list to inform you the dates are live.

In the meantime why not take a look at our luxury self catering apartments in the heart of St Ives, giving you a foothold which allows you to enjoy the most of luxury accommodation in Cornwall.