Our Green Initiatives

Kelly Weaver

We are very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world and we want to ensure it stays that way. So, this year we have made it a priority to review how we can do better, and offer a more sustainable and environmentally conscious version of ourselves. Here are what we consider to be our bigger achievements and our aims for the future:

Minimising Plastics

Single-use plastics are one of our biggest bugbears so we conducted a plastic audit and found that we could save around 2000 plastic bottles if we switched our single use Elemis toiletries to a refillable range from local company Living Sea Therapy. So that’s exactly what we did. And, we’ve saved a further 500 plastic bottles by ditching milk in plastic containers and enlisting the service of our local milkman who delivers icy cold milk the traditional way, direct to our door, in glass bottles which can be re-used.

Wooden Belly Boards

No adventure in Cornwall is complete without catching a few waves and with body boards available at every turn, it seems like harmless fun, right? However, many of these cheap boards are filled with foam and polystyrene which break easily and spill their contents onto beaches and eventually end up in the ocean. So, in a bid to offer a more sustainable alternative we have partnered with ‘The Traditional Surfing Company’ who have produced some beautiful wooden belly boards for our onsite wet room for guests to enjoy.

Local Producers

We have always been passionate about local Cornish produce and by sourcing locally, where we can, ensures our carbon footprint is kept in check. We work with a range of local producers including Baker Tom, Polgoon Vineyard, I Should Coco and Roskilly’s to name but a few.


All of the spotlights in our apartments have now been switched to low-energy LED’s and the bin store and wet room both now feature sensor/timed lighting meaning communal lights cannot be left on accidently.

What the future holds...

Eco-friendly cleaning products

As we move forward we will continue to improve the impact our business has on its surroundings and next on the list are our cleaning products and over the coming months we will be introducing a range of refillable, eco-friendly cleaning products into our apartments.

Water Butt

We also plan to install a water butt into the courtyard which we will use to water the plants in our sub-tropical courtyard and external planters.

There will always be ways we can improve and if you have any thoughts on how we could do better we would be delighted to hear them. In the meantime, if you are looking for luxury cottages and apartments in St Ives that take their green agenda very seriously, we may just be worth a look.

We hope to see you soon.

Kelly x