The Perfect Christmas in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

Christmas in St Ives is truly a Christmas like no other; with cobblestone causeways illuminated in fluorescent lights looking fantastic as they warm the pathways, the brisk chill of a winter’s evening as you explore the town followed by the warming embrace as you step into some of the most wonderful boutique shops. These are what make Christmas memorable and exemplify the feeling of staying in a luxury apartment in Cornwall.

Heritage and tradition are words most often associated with St Ives and Cornwall; layer upon layer of differing Christmas customs have developed into what we know today, St Ives in December is truly a fascinating look at how how the town is and always will be intrinsically linked to the past, while always keeping a step in the future, Cornwall’s anachronisms don’t go away but they change and become more distinguished and noteworthy in new ways. Foundations of our pagan past doesn’t go away but emerges as something new and wonderful, all the while the closely-knit friendly feeling of Cornish living is there for you to enjoy in your luxury apartment in St Ives.

So what’s happening throughout Christmas week? The answer to that is so much and more as the town fills to the brim with festivity. Even now as we wait in anticipation in the early days of December the town has begun its Yuletide tradition. Father Christmas arrived in town a little earlier than expected this year in the first weekend of December, kicking off what’s in store for us all. Here’s a look at some of the most wonderful things that happen to be taking place now and over the coming weeks.

Throughout the month a Christmas window display contest is taking place, meaning that every store front partaking the contest goes all-out to decorate and design the most Christmassy window possible, it’s all for fun but you can cast your vote in the Post Office if somewhere stands out and catches the eye.

If you’re staying with us during Christmas week and want to be amongst the bravest in St Ives, then on Boxing Day why not take part in a swim in the sea? At Porthminster Beach only the brave will take a dip into the icy ocean, follow it off with a warming drink in the nearby beach café and ensure you don’t get caught off worse with the winter’s chill!

If staying on dry land is more your style then why not enjoy a guided tour of the town? Perfect to explore the intricate details of the town that you might miss out on during your day-to-day adventures.

Luxury St Ives Accommodation

If you’re staying with us you have so much to look forward to, St Ives offers the complete Cornish Christmas experience and there’s no place better to enjoy it than in your own luxury apartment in St Ives, so if you’re not, what are you waiting for? Find out how you can be here to enjoy the best of a Christmas in St Ives online.