St Ives Galleries

Conor Fletcher

As 2018 is well underway there is much to look forward to in St Ives in the coming months, as the wet and windy winter weather begins to cease and the clocks turn forward we gain that extra hour of daylight to explore St Ives and discover the wonders of a town so interlaced with cultural and artistic heritage. Staying with us at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives means it’s right out there waiting to be discovered.

At the beginning of Fore Street you can make your way through the cobbled streets and archaic buildings, each with their own story to tell, in and amongst the them lies several of St Ives’ independent art galleries leaving the opportunity to discover the local art scene which has been developed since the 20th century. St Ives’ art heritage has cemented its identity as an artist’s town, it's right there to see, displayed to you as you walk the streets where around every corner you are never more than a few footsteps from the door to gallery or an artist’s studio. It’s a wonderful thing - to be enveloped in this cultural tradition and our luxury apartments in St Ives are deeply rooted in the heart of it all.

Being located in the ‘old town’, nearer to the Island and the awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean, the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives are in and amongst this artistic hotspot of St Ives. A few steps in either direction lead you to the art heritage hotspots in the town, from the noteworthy Penwith Society of Arts or the Alexandra Dickens Gallery not too far away. The road then leads on with the St Ives School of Painting where you can partake in lessons and classes to fine tune your chosen craft and of course, no more than a moments walk you will end up at the Tate St Ives where you can discover all that makes St Ives’ heritage so special.

In every event by staying at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives you are fixed between history and the present, St Ives and it’s art movement has been an ever-changing and on-going process since those formative years in the early 20th Century and whether you’re a purveyor of art or simply want to discover the specialised history of the town there is no better place to stay and enjoy it all.

With twelve apartments nestled on the Cornish coastline, the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives are the best way to discover just what has and continues to make St Ives a stand out location for the arts in Cornwall.

Take a look online or find out more about when you can next be here by giving us a call on 01736 799175.