It’s raining, it’s pouring, as yet nobody is snoring

Katy Peck

Living in this part of the country has its ups, and downs as you would expect, but with more sunny days than the majority of the rest of the country, we are usually incredibly lucky with how much sun we receive over the entirety of the year, with an early spring at the tails of February, and Indian summers stretching well into October...

However today it is bucketing it down, the pavements are rivers, and the rivers are torrents, and you would be just as wet whether surfing the waves or strolling along the beach. Some would say it is to be expected, and I can remember numerous holidays abroad where the weather has been less than favourable, so what makes St Ives the destination whatever the weather brings?

Surfing in St Ives

Storms bring great swells, and with great swells comes great surfing. Join the St Ives school of surfing on Porthmeor beach, moments from our luxury self catering apartments and experience the rush of learning to master these world renowned and recognised waves, and you might be in luck as there is always chance to be joined by our local dolphin population, who enjoy the thrill of the storm chase just as much as we do, and if you are getting wet with the not so great weather, where is the harm in getting fully immersed!


If like me and the wet weather gets your tummy grumbling, St Ives has a wealth of wonderful restaurants covering a range of culinary delights, from Porthminster Beach Café, well known for its award winning sea food, or fine dining at the Alba accompanied by time spent in their cocktail bar watching the weather lashing the harbour. You will have the pick of restaurants in an incredibly short strolling distance from your luxury St Ives self catering apartment. Please use umbrellas responsibly though, unless you wish to see what it is like to fly like Mary Poppins.

Storm watching

We always preach safety first, and warn that freak waves can catch any savvy viewer by chance, and result in serious consequences, but from the safety of many of the cliff top car parks that litter this part of the coastline you will be in for a spectacular sight to see. Watch the clouds shift and dance in an awe-inspiring display of light, and see the waves crash with such force against the cliff faces, and imagine what it would have been like in years gone by for St Ives’s fishing fleet, out on the stormy high seas. We make up a thermos of hot chocolate,  along with a few marshmallows to dip and park our car with the radio on along at Godrevy, pointing back at the view of St Ives.

Should you wish to try one of our luxury St Ives apartments out of season call our friendly onsite reservations team, and they will happily aid you in matching you with your perfect apartment for a wonderful stay in Cornwall.


Photo credit: Mike Thomas