Explore Poldark and stay in Luxury

Conor Fletcher

Without question, in more recent years one of the main exponents of Cornwall has been the BBC production of Poldark. Based on the Winston Graham saga of the same name, the series has brought light to the awe-inspiring Cornish coast, its history and the people who lived here. If you’re staying with us in the Sail Lofts luxury self catering apartments you have access to the entire Cornish coast, whilst spending your holiday in luxury, allowing you to explore, feel and live the sights and sounds of the BBC drama with the peace of mind knowing you have you home-from-home to go back to after a day around the coast. All of us here at the Sail Lofts have a rich intricate and detailed knowledge of Cornwall and its heritage so whilst you’re staying with us feel free to find out some of the best places to go and see some of Cornwall’s rich heritage.

If you travel south down the coastline you will drive (or walk) through much of what has crafted Cornwall’s legacy; the rich coastline awash with mine stacks and bold foreboding cliff-face fills you with astonishment and wonder at the importance these locations had to our forbearers. If you are particularly interested in visiting some of the ‘greatest hits’ of Poldark as it were, here are just a few of some of the locations both set in the novels and seen on the screen.

Most of the locations are only a short drive from your St Ives self catering apartment at the Sail Lofts and with our reserved guest parking there’s no need to worry about finding a place to park in St Ives once you’ve come back from your travels. Where you want to go far or wide to see some of Poldark’s highlights you can always have the peace of mind whilst you’re staying with us.

Botallack Mine

The mine at Botallack is just a quick drive down the coast, through Zennor and Pendeen then on to Botallack. From there you can park up near the coastline and explore the remnants of the dual engine houses, which stand alone on the cliff’s edge. It’s the location where the series films scenes of the Poldark family’s mine Wheal Leisure and perfectly epitomises Cornwall’s Romantic allure and historical reverence. You can make your way across the coastline and immerse yourself vast expanses of green aside the roaring ocean smashing itself against the cliff face.

Holywell Bay

Head towards Newquay and you will eventually find yourself on the sweeping sands of Holywell beach, picturesque and somewhat sublime it’s the perfect place to soak up some of Cornwall’s unique landscapes with the mountainous dunes that cascade their way toward the ocean where you overlook two distinct islands that mirror one another. Words don’t give these locations justice but upon visiting them you become awe-struck at the picturesque nature of the coast. This iconic landscape was featured in the second series and is without question a must visit for those looking to take in some of Cornwall’s wonderful vistas.

Kynance Cove

A slightly longer journey across Cornwall, heading towards the Lizard with bring you to Kynance Cove. In the series, Kynance Cove may be better known as Nampara, the coastline is indicative to most of Cornwall’s headland but the cove itself is breathtaking. Almost otherworldly; there’s no question as to why Kynance Cove is such a perfect location for a set, the amalgamation of the rocky outcroppings juxtaposed with white sands gives the beach it’s distinctive look and is well worth a visit.

Poldark Tin Mine & Museum

Undoubtedly from the name alone you can understand this location’s importance to Poldark lore, established in the seventies as a way to educate those about Cornwall’s mining heritage the site was later renamed and became twinned with Winston Graham’s saga, in recent years both adaptions of the novels were filmed here and if you’re in want of an escape through time to a past incarnation of Cornwall there is no better place to visit. To get there from the Sail Lofts self catering luxury apartments in St Ives just head toward Helston and find yourself right in the heart of Cornwall’s past.

So while you may come to Cornwall to set eyes upon some of Poldark’s many set locations, why not stay to explore your own Cornwall whilst staying in our luxury self catering apartments in St Ives. If you do want to come and visit Cornwall and stay in the heart of St Ives why not get in contact with the team? With a vast knowledge of Cornwall’s cultural history we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have. To take a look at availability take a look online or get in contact with the office on 01736 799175 to get your Cornish adventure started today.