Enjoy St Ives with Self Catering

Conor Fletcher

In St Ives it's incredibly easy to embrace what the town has to offer and make the most of the Sail Lofts luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives. A self catering stay in Cornwall allows you to experience the wealth of local produce sourced from both in and around St Ives and the best part - it's all waiting for you to enjoy while you're here. From the local Farmer's Market to the town's many shops that give a taste of Cornwall, there really is no better place to enjoy our self catering accommodation in St Ives.

Throughout the town the variety of food on offer is endless; from locally reared meat to freshly caught fish, options from both land and sea are bountiful. St Ives and Cornwall have a rich and intertwined history with the fishing industry, but so too does the Sail Lofts - what is now a subtropical courtyard once used to be a pilchard pressing yard fundamental in producing oil once used for lamp fuel. Today, seafood cuisine has become one of the stand-out features of St Ives cuisine, so why not experience it and order in freshly caught fish to enjoy in your self catering accommodation in St Ives?

Every Thursday one of the stand out events of the week takes place in the St Ives Farmer's Market at the Guildhall, once a week the hall becomes a showcase of Cornish produce, tantalise the taste buds and enjoy locally grown olives or freshly baked loaves of bread with a sweet fruit jam. The options that lie before you between 9:30 and 14:00 are endless, so take advantage and discover something new to enjoy in your luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives and pay the Farmer's Market a visit.

If of course you don't manage to stop by the market then dotted around the town are a number of delicatessens and shops giving you a taste of Cornwall, on Fore Street you can enjoy freshly made bread from St Ives Bakery or some fruit or vegetables from the Allotment Deli. Of course if you've got a sweet tooth then Moomaid of Zennor offer ice creams made from milk from their farm in nearby Zennor, a must try for all when enjoying our luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives.

It's not just St Ives that offers a glimpse into Cornish cuisine, should you venture out a little further from your luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives and visit Truro, then their Farmer's Market runs on Saturdays and encompasses Cornwall-wide producers to enjoy.

Luxury Self Catering Accommodation in St Ives.

When staying at the Sail Lofts luxury self catering accommodation in St Ives there really is no reason not to get out and discover what the town has to offer you, whether it be the local community or producers from around the county there's always a chance to make the most of your stay at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives. Find out more by contacting one of the team in the office on 01736 799175 or take a look online at our availability to discover when you could be here.