Cornwall’s luxury accommodation for every season.

Conor Fletcher

St Ives is getting ready to go into full swing this summer and with the eyes of the nation averted to our little county with thanks to BBC's Poldark there has never been a better time to come to Cornwall. With so much to do here during both the summer and winter months it's no surprise that St Ives has escalated itself to one of the UK's top destinations. But you're looking for more than just a nice destination. Cornwall is inundated with places to stay, from quaint B&B's to larger hotels, but if you're looking for something that little bit more special, a place with a unique amalgamation of Cornish essence with the refinement you would expect out of a self catering holiday, then look no further as the Sail Lofts self catering apartments in St Ives can be your go to destination for Cornwall luxury accommodation.

What makes the Sail Lofts so special, what makes us stand out from the rest of Cornwall's luxury accommodation? The answer is simple, not only is the location the perfect avenue to explore all of what Cornwall offers but we're placed in the heart of St Ives, one of the most historically picturesque towns Cornwall has left. It's the perfect blend of the modernity you would expect, both from the local delicacies and amenities with the 'old world' in the stone cottages that call back to simpler times of Cornwall's past. Once you're here, the Sail Lofts team are then at hand to help you get the most of your luxury accommodation here in Cornwall. With a vast and expansive knowledge of the little things that make the county so individualised, you can explore Cornwall without the need for a map, or travel guide. Regardless of what you come to Cornwall for - we are at hand to help you get the most from your time in our Cornwall luxury accommodation.

When you're staying in one of our twelve luxury apartments there are so many ways to get the most out of your stay. The apartments are light and airy, with large open living areas they're the perfect place to relax after a long day aside the ocean. They're only minutes away from a variety of beaches helping you get the most out of your time here, with an on site wet room for you to wash off the sand after a day spent along Porthmeor you can go back to your luxury apartment without the stress of a mess to contend with later. If the sandy beaches aren't your style the Sail Lofts apartments are mere moments away from the local art scene, pass through the countless galleries that fill the streets to find a local treasure or visit the Tate with free entry for guests staying with us.

If the summer months aren't for you then let St Ives be your hub when coming to Cornwall for luxury accommodation in the autumn or winter. In these months the town is a bit more relaxed, as is the rest of the county, leaving you to explore without the hassle of busy and bustling streets. Go walking in St Ives and beyond and explore the dense blustery landscapes seen on our television screens and experience the locations that have been crafted in our literary heritage, to the North of Cornwall where du Maurier set Jamaica Inn, or a bit closer by the many tin mines indicative of Winston Graham's Poldark series. In these quieter months the literature and art of the county can be truly exhibited, distanced from the exotics of summer the calmer months help reimagine what Cornwall used to be known for throughout its history. Being able to explore these minor facets of the countryside during the quiet months can be your opportunity to make the most from your Cornwall luxury accommodation, so why not give it a try?

If you're looking to make winter that extra bit more special then spending it in St Ives is the way forward, Cornwall becomes illuminated in festivity throughout the winter weeks; these quieter months Cornwall is largely dominated by its local population as everyone seeks to join in with the feel-good mentality of Christmas. Carrying on through the season, the New Year in St Ives is truly the most special time, the entire town comes alive as all of Cornwall seems to floor to St Ives. It is without question one of the most exciting places to be as people dress up in costume and the streets become flooded with an eclectic variety of individuals.

Cornwall's luxury accommodation for every season.

Regardless of what time you come to visit there will always be a way to enhance your stay at the Sail Lofts luxury Cornwall accommodation. Whether you're looking to sit back and relax in the sun on one of the many beaches of St Ives or get your walking boots on and traverse across the coast the opportunity is limitless. Whenever you want to come and visit all you need to do is have a look at our accommodation in St Ives online or give the office a call in the week on 01736 799175 and one of the team will get everything arranged for you.