Art event in St Ives

Hélène Chaussavoine

With St Ives being one of the primary location for artists, we are very excited to announce that the Sail Lofts' director private collection of art is now on the walls of 5 apartments and we hope to be able to source more work in the future to expand our collection. As we hope that you enjoy art as much as we do, we have compiled a selection of art-related events taking place in the next upcoming months.

St Ives Library

Janet Axten will present a series of talks on local artists and principally about female artists from West Cornwall who have been ignored from the art world during 20th Century.  From Elizabeth Forbes to Sandra blow, learn more about the legacies of twelve of these women and how they are currently viewed, both nationally and internationally. As part of our recent art project, Sandra Blow's paintings 'Revolve' is now in Slipway as we hope that you will enjoy living around this beautiful piece of work.

This event starts a 6.30pm on Monday 8th April, no need to book.

Sandra Blow in Slipway

Tate St Ives

The first UK retrospective of the Egyptian-Canadian artist of Armenian origin, Anna Boghiguian (Cairo, 1946) is currently on show at The Tate St Ives until 6th May. In this intriguing exhibition featuring a mix of dramatic larce-scale installations and personal belongings, Anna Boghuigian created a new work inspired by the history of Cornwall featuring characters, processes and materials drawn from the mining and fishing industries.

Credit: Tate St Ives website

If you would like to visit the gallery during your stay at Sail Lofts, make sure to pop in the office to ask for your free entry.

New Craftsman Gallery

This wonderful gallery has recently started their new exhibition featuring Emma Jeffryes who, coincidentally used to rent our Sail Lofts' studio a few years ago. We always admired her work as she sources her inspiration from St Ives artists and the Sail Lofts Director bought a few pieces from her over the years. As we are currently in the process of changing the art in all the apartments, you are now able to live around Emma Jeffryes' paintings in Godrevy.


Emma Jeffryes paintings St Ives

If you are visiting St Ives and enjoy the exhibitions in St Ives art galleries, please let us know your thoughts.

Whether you enjoy browsing new exhibitions, search for new inspiration for your own art or would like to get involve in an art course, check our availability online and plan your next arty trip to St Ives now.